Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Still hunting

ALT 96 AST 61 Bili 12 My latest blood tests. So my ALT and AST are down and my bili is up from 11. I have no idea what normal is for bili but the other counts look quite good I think.

Apartment hunting was interesting. It's been years since I've looked for a new place to live. We've been in this house since 1992. One sleazy guy looked me up and down a few times and said. "So just you and your son hey?" When we were done looking at the suite I said ok thanks and he again looked me up and down and repeated "so just you and your boy hey.......well I'll give ya a deal". And then he dropped the rent by $20 a month. Really creepy. We beat a hasty retreat out of there. Another place we went to was all renovated on the outside so I phoned the number and told the manager I was in the parking lot so he said ok meet you at the door. We went into the lobby and the first thing we see is the mailboxes have been pried open and are all buckled. I said, mailboxes were broken into? and he says oh yeah that was 7 or 8 years ago, we just never got them fixed. The elevator made the most horrible noise and I must have looked as nervous as I felt so the guys says Oh no worries we get it checked once a month and it's as safe as can be. Not a good beginning to the hunt!

We'll keep looking and I'm not going to take something just for the sake of moving by the first of the month. I have been thinking we might be better off in a basement suite. I might have a better chance of keeping Keesha in a basement suite too. I really don't want to leave the dogs behind but I don't have a hope in hell of keeping them both so if I can keep Keesha I'll just have to trust Al to take care of Kody.

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