Sunday, April 23, 2006

Finding Nemo

Today Lynnie and I went to the flea market still on the hunt for a kitten and also I was thinking I would like to get back into having an aquarium again. So we went and the only kitten near the gate was a beautiful Burmese kitten but the girl wanted $350 for him!! Not what I wanted to pay plus I had decided a short haired kitty would be best and I wanted to get a white one if at all possible. So we continued on and there was a super good deal on an aquarium. Looked to be probaby a 30 gallon tank with a wrought iron stand and all the supplies included gravel, 2 filters, 2 underground filters, pump, artificial plants and rocks etc all for $30 so I said I'd take it and the guy kept it there for us as we continued on.

We went all through the outside area and looked at the plants and stuff and then into the building and all through there and then noticed they had people set up outside on the other side in a pole barn and more beyond so we wandered all through there as well. As we were heading out to the gate to get the car and take it around to the other area to load up the fish tank I noticed a van with the back doors open and a cat carrier inside with a bag of dry cat food sitting on top. I stopped and bent over and peeked in and there were two kittens inside. A little orange one and a pure white one. I went and found the lady and she came back and tried to give me the orange one to hold and said this one is $4o and the other is $60. I said I am more interested in the white one, may I see it please. She hesitated and then brought him out and said well I don't really want to sell him and I said $6o because I didn't think you'd want him then. I said well I do want him so $60 is fine. She then said well I would have asked $100 for him actually but I'll let you have him for $70. I said fine after a bit of dickering because there was another lady standing right behind me waiting for her turn to see the kittens and I knew he would be gone if I didn't take him right then and there. So he is mine! He has one blue eye and one green eye and on the way home we decided to call him Nemo because he came with a fish tank lol. Well the same day as the fish tank anyway. See allow me to introduce you to Nemo the newest member of the household. Isn't he adorable!!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Before on garden spot

This is a sad looking area isn't it. The building to the right is the office and the first bit of window you can see is my office area. To the left it climbs up to the pond and is beautiful but this little area has been left and is a mess. The barn we want to save as it is a heritage building and been there over a hundred years. We are trying to save the money from here and there to put a new roof on it. This is the area that we are planning on putting our work garden. My swing will come over to this area as well. We are planning on some days after work to just shut the gates and stay and garden.

I'm going to put a few pictures of my trees that I managed to cram onto my balcony. I kept my Full Moon Maple, Shojo Nomura Maple, Samurai Maple, my Grace Smokebush, 2 Rhodo's, 2 Azaleas, my new Pink Parfait Hydrangea, my climbing Hydrangea, a Pink Mallow and my Blue River II Hibiscus and my Red Heart Hibiscus. I've brought home since I've been here a Blue Gracewort, Candy Tuft, a creeping raspberry, a gorgeous heather called Kramer's Red and a Catoneaster that I'm planning on putting under my trees in the same pots. Oh yes I brough home a chive as well. I was planning on putting some annuals under the trees then thought why not just put some small shrubs that flower each year or get berries. There is just enought room to have two chairs and a table between with my water fountain that sounds so pretty running. Yes Ryan does think I'm insane but he keeps it to himself for the most part and I think he actually enjoys having the plants out there as that is where he is relegated to smoke!

The trees outside the property that I look out on, are leafing out beautifully and it is very pretty and secluded up here. The way the building is layed out you can not see any other balconies when you are out on your own so it's nice and private. In the picture above you can see the wall that separates my balcony from the balcony of the apartment next door so I guess we'll be able to hear each other but that's about it.

The living room is pretty much done except for a chair that I would like to buy to put in front of the window. The apartment gets afternoon shade and one of those windows opens right up as does the door of course so I thought a chair right there at the widow with both the window and door open on those warm summer evenings would be very nice and comfy. I haven't found what I'm looking for yet but I will.

Well I am off to meet Al this morning and take the dogs for a walk. We are trying to talk things through and spend a bit of time together and see how we feel about things. I love seeing the dogs and getting out and walking them. Good exercise for all of us. Ryan and I have tossed back and forth getting a small apartment sized dog or a kitten and we both think a kitten is more in tune to our new lifestyle than a puppy would be. We are on the 3rd floor and I really can't see myself at 2 in the morning taking a small puppy down to have a pee. A kitten that will grow up living in an apartment and not being an outside cat at all will be better for us. Our cats that we found homes for were both used to being outside and would not have adapted well in an apartment so we are on the hunt now for the perfect kitten.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Brighter days

Things are looking much brighter and I'm feeling relaxed and good. I talked to Al over the weekend and we went out for a walk and some coffee. Lots was touched on but we'll see how it goes. He says I jumped to some conclusions that were not true but he never corrected my conclusions either. If nothing else we are starting to be able to be friends again.

The apartment is great! It's bright and easy to keep clean. I have it pretty much the way I want it and Ryan is happy with it as well. The only down side is his bedroom which he promises to get done this week. In the mean time I'm closing his door when I can't stand seeing it.

Work is good. Busy as we can handle and the weather is finally getting nicer and so that brings out the people wanting trees and shrubs for their gardens. Yesterday I worked outside most of the day setting up the one gallon area and cleaning out another area that we plan on putting discount plants into. Stuff that will come back but didn't overwinter very well. Khushwinder is planting around the ponds as he goes and has the time.

There is an area between the barn and office that we haven't done much with yet and Jude and I were looking at it yesterday and we are going to turn it into a garden area for us at work to garden in. Her husband Ed is going to build us some nice big raised beds and Khushwinder has fixed up the outside of the barn and put some window boxes in for us. We are going to move my porch swing into that area as well and it will be a nice little area we can use after work. We'll close the gates and sit and have a nice swing and then work on the garden. We want to put in some veggies that all of us at work like. We are all big squash eaters so we'll put a few tires on the bank and plant some squash in the tires, some carrots and maybe some broccoli and cauliflower, cukes and whatever else we feel like. All four of us and Ed if he's into it, can garden there whenever we get a minute during the day and after work as well.

Jude planted the window boxes the other night with petunias of various colours so that will look beautiful. There is a farm on the way home close to where I live now and they rent out garden plots to anyone who wants one and I've been looking at it each day and thinking I want to garden! So Jude and I talked about it yesterday and she was totally into it as well and Khush got interested immediately as well so this will work for all of us. I'll take pictures as we go. When I get home tonight or later today if I have a chance I'll take some pictures the way it is now and then as we go. I'm happy with what we got done yesterday. The guys are heading out on a job today so probably will be gone for most of the day so I can work my way along with the plan I started yesterday plus I need to get out there and get some pictures of the trees as they are getting their leaves. I noticed yesterday some of the trees are in bloom that I totally missed last year as it got so busy so quickly so I need to get out there today for sure and take those pictures.

We are going to be into the summer before we know it and I have to get together our catalog before the CanWest show in September. Lots of hours at home working on it but that's fine too as I can bank my hours for the week I'll be away in Quebec in July. I would like to get as many hours banked as possible for the coming winter for when I may need to be off here and there if I do start treatment. We'll see.

I was at Dave and Allies on the weekend and spent some good time with my baby girl and got some cute pictures of her. She sat on the table in front of me and made funny faces so I could take pictures and show them too her quickly on the screen. She'd laugh and laugh and then say Ok grandma take more. So I got quite a few of her being silly but manageed to sneak in a few good ones too. And as much as I hate getting my picture taken I let Allie get one of Christina and I together.

I'm looking forward to be able to go and pick her up on those warm evenings or weekends and head to the beach or park. That is if I can afford the gas!! Man the prices suck right now and they keep saying it's going to get worse.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


It was Jude's 50th birthday on Friday so a bunch of us were going to go out for dinner. I almost canceled because it was all couples. Then it was decided to all just stay at their place and have dinner there. I went and we had a nice time. It's very weird to go places where everyone else is drinking and smoking pot and you are doing neither. I don't mind other people drinking until they get drunk then I want nothing to do with them and the pot smoking doesn't bother me at all but it's weird to see people deteriorate as the evening goes on.

Al and I had a small email exchange and he says he is alone at the house and that I can come by and see the dogs any time. He's going to give Josh my key to give back to me so I can go when he's not there if I prefer. I'm not sure if it's a good idea or not. The thought of saying good bye to them over and over is not very appealing but I am missing them alot. He says we need to talk. Finally. I have no idea where his head is at or what he's thinking but it will be much easier to decipher if I can see his face.

The apartment is pretty much all unpacked and put away now. I like it and it's comfortable. Ryan is a good roommate and is quiet and spends a lot of his time in his room on his computer or sleeping. He starts work at 6am though and that's a drag because I am the person who drives him to work in the morning. So I drive him and then come home for an hour before I have to head out. He's been getting a ride home with someone from work but that guy got fired on Friday so I'm not sure if he's just going to wait for me to come get him or what.

Work has been pretty busy with the guys out on lots of jobs. Next week is a 4 day week and then a 4 day weekend and then another 4 day week. That will be nice. The weather is getting good and it's warming up considerably. My trees on the balcony are all getting their leaves. So pretty and delicate at this time of the year. One of my azaleas is getting ready to bloom as well. Jude and Barb and I were talking on Friday night about when the best time to head to the island will be and we haven't quite decided yet. Mom and I are booked for Quebec for the week of the 8th of July to the 15th so am hoping for good weather. Steve and Ginette live on a lake now and have their own dock. Not sure if it's a good swimming lake or not. I hope it is. I've lost a fair amount of weight so I am hoping to keep that trend going so I can at least feel comfortable in a bathing suit.

My liver area has been sore and for the last several days I have pain in my back that hurts when I swallow. I'm not sure what that's all about but it's about where my liver would be just in the back instead of the front. I am still covered under Al's extended health and am filing my income tax this next week so my portion of pharmacare should go down. Then maybe I can start treatment in the Fall after we are done with CanWest this year. I know I have to do it again but now with having to work being so important it's harder to pick the right time.

The top picture is my Full Moon Maple just opening it's leaves. I love the way it looks right now. The new green and the accordian style of unfolding. The other is my Shojo Namura getting it's leaves as well. My climbing Hydrangea has flower heads on it and this will be it's first year of bloom. My azalea is opening it's flower buds as well. The Samurai is just starting to get it's leaves but I'll post pictures as they come.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I'm moved and still depressed, weepy and tired to the bone and my liver area is bugging me. My dogs are gone, Al is still with another woman and all that's really changed is I don't have to go home each day and see his stuff still around here and there. I miss my dogs and even though he's done what he's done I still miss my husband and our life we had.

The girls and I went and saw Rob Thomas on Friday night and it was the highlight of the week. The man can sing. Anna Nalick opened for him and she was good too. Didn't get home till 2:30 in the morning. Concert ended at 12:30 and then the long drive home and Jude to drop off in Langley on the way.

My sister came out on Saturday after work and stayed overnight until Sunday evening and helped me get most things put away and set up.