Sunday, April 09, 2006


It was Jude's 50th birthday on Friday so a bunch of us were going to go out for dinner. I almost canceled because it was all couples. Then it was decided to all just stay at their place and have dinner there. I went and we had a nice time. It's very weird to go places where everyone else is drinking and smoking pot and you are doing neither. I don't mind other people drinking until they get drunk then I want nothing to do with them and the pot smoking doesn't bother me at all but it's weird to see people deteriorate as the evening goes on.

Al and I had a small email exchange and he says he is alone at the house and that I can come by and see the dogs any time. He's going to give Josh my key to give back to me so I can go when he's not there if I prefer. I'm not sure if it's a good idea or not. The thought of saying good bye to them over and over is not very appealing but I am missing them alot. He says we need to talk. Finally. I have no idea where his head is at or what he's thinking but it will be much easier to decipher if I can see his face.

The apartment is pretty much all unpacked and put away now. I like it and it's comfortable. Ryan is a good roommate and is quiet and spends a lot of his time in his room on his computer or sleeping. He starts work at 6am though and that's a drag because I am the person who drives him to work in the morning. So I drive him and then come home for an hour before I have to head out. He's been getting a ride home with someone from work but that guy got fired on Friday so I'm not sure if he's just going to wait for me to come get him or what.

Work has been pretty busy with the guys out on lots of jobs. Next week is a 4 day week and then a 4 day weekend and then another 4 day week. That will be nice. The weather is getting good and it's warming up considerably. My trees on the balcony are all getting their leaves. So pretty and delicate at this time of the year. One of my azaleas is getting ready to bloom as well. Jude and Barb and I were talking on Friday night about when the best time to head to the island will be and we haven't quite decided yet. Mom and I are booked for Quebec for the week of the 8th of July to the 15th so am hoping for good weather. Steve and Ginette live on a lake now and have their own dock. Not sure if it's a good swimming lake or not. I hope it is. I've lost a fair amount of weight so I am hoping to keep that trend going so I can at least feel comfortable in a bathing suit.

My liver area has been sore and for the last several days I have pain in my back that hurts when I swallow. I'm not sure what that's all about but it's about where my liver would be just in the back instead of the front. I am still covered under Al's extended health and am filing my income tax this next week so my portion of pharmacare should go down. Then maybe I can start treatment in the Fall after we are done with CanWest this year. I know I have to do it again but now with having to work being so important it's harder to pick the right time.

The top picture is my Full Moon Maple just opening it's leaves. I love the way it looks right now. The new green and the accordian style of unfolding. The other is my Shojo Namura getting it's leaves as well. My climbing Hydrangea has flower heads on it and this will be it's first year of bloom. My azalea is opening it's flower buds as well. The Samurai is just starting to get it's leaves but I'll post pictures as they come.

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peter said...

Hi, Elizabeth Anne

I was wondering how things are going. From the pics in your last post, it looks like a nice apartment. I hope the emotional rollercaster eases up for you. The Quebec trip should be something to look forward to.

That 6am thing... that was painful to read...