Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A day at the beach

Beautiful hot sunny weather here in BC right now. We've had some gorgeous days at work with a bit of a breeze and lots of sunshine. The eagles are back. They showed up the other day again sitting in the top of the Eagle Tree. I love to hear them up there. They are really beautiful birds seen up close.

We used to walk the dogs at a small local manmade lake with a walk around the top of it. This is a picture of the Lake and you can see it has some big trees. One day we pulled into the parking lot and we were just in time to see an eagle drop down onto the water. It seemed to be fluttering a bit there, long enough for me to wonder if there was something wrong with it when it lifted up with a duck dangling from it's talons. It was pretty amazing to see it close up. We took the dogs and continued on our walk and as we got to the other side of the lake the dogs were ahead of us a bit and as we got up to them the eagle that we hadn't even noticed lifted up out of the tree right in front of us still with long strands of meat hanging from it's feet.

Another time I saw an eagle in action was one of our girls days and we'd headed to the beach at White Rock and with the tide half way in we walked out into the water where it was warm coming in over the sand. We were just standing there enjoying the sun and the breeze and the saltwater smell when we saw an eagle go after a seagull that was floating in the water. A man and his dog were out there and the seagull was so desperate he was swimming towards them and trying to hide behind them but the eagle worked at it and got him and off he flew as everyone on the beach stood mesmerized by this whole thing. It was all over in a few minutes. It was kind of awful to watch but at the same time the eagle has to eat too. So do it's babies. Nature

And speaking of White Rock, tomorrow is girls night and this week and we going to head to the beach and bake for a few hours. We go every year at least once to just lay on the beach. This year we haven't managed to make it there yet and Lynnie goes back to work in August so we think tomorrow might be our only chance this year. We are getting off work at 2:30 these days cause the guys are starting really early to beat the heat. So Lynnie is meeting us at work and off we go. Half an hour to the beach! Then back to Jude's for dinner and then we are calling it an early night. Jude and her husband are heading out camping Friday and she needs to get the camper packed and everything ready. They have 4 grandchildren so they are picking them all up and heading out for the weekend. They are 10, 5, 5, and 3 so she will have her hands full.

It is a long weekend here to celebrate BC Day. And it's also right in the middle of the Celebration of Light fireworks competition here in Vancouver. We went last year and it was fun. There are hundreds of thousands of people that go and watch from all the waterfront around Vancouver's inner harbour. We go to a spot we picked out last year and pay for all day parking and park early in the day. We are going back to the same spot on Saturday. The fireworks that night are from Sweden. Where we park we will be within walking distance of Granville Island and we'll probably walk down there and get the makings of a picnic for dinner which we can stow in the cooler and leave in the car. They have a cool little ferry system that we bought tickets for last year and travelled on all of them and it was fun. This year we are thinking of getting all day ride passes for the regular transit system and that will allow us to travel all of the bus, sky train and sea bus routes around Vancouver all day. We can go where ever we end up and just make a day of it. Then back to the park and dinner and the fireworks. Then comes the 2 hour traffic jam to get out of there. This year we are just going to have a nap in the car for an hour or two and then when it thins out we'll head on home. Much easier on the nerves and the gas instead of idling in a huge lineup.

I'm tired but doing great. No pain in the liver area at all, no pressure or fullness in that area either right now. All seems to be going along quite well. When I am feeling good I start to second guess myself and I really want to start treatment again and know i'm probably going to feel crappy. Then I remember what Dr. Erb said and I think yes I do want to do this and see if I tolerate it better this time with only the short period of ribarviran. Six of one, half a dozen of another, back and forth I go. Easier to just forget about it for now and just enjoy my days.

Friday, July 22, 2005


Meet Sophie! My friends Lynne and Al just got a new puppy. She is a harlequin Great Dane and she's 8 weeks old. They also have an old female dane that is 9 years old now and Great Danes don't seem to live as long as other dogs. So they wanted to get a new puppy before Babe was gone.

Thursday night was girls night and this week Jude and I had to go to Mission, BC to see about a job. Another car through a hedge. Lynne is on holidays right now so she met us and when we were done with the job viewing we headed up to Westminster Abbey. It is a Monastary of Benadictine Monks and a Highschool for boys interested in the seminary.

It is so beautiful up there and is open to the public to walk the grounds during the day. There are private out of bounds areas but for the most part you can wander around and walk the paths. The Abbey is stained glass all the way around. It has 64 stained glass windows totaling over 7000 sq ft. It is incredible inside. A pool that runs and as you sit in the silence the sound of the tinkling water with the light streaming through the windows it is a holy experience in itself no matter what your religious beliefs.

If you follow the path up you eventually come to a lookout way up overlooking the valley with the Fraser River running through. Really incredible view. We sat up there and enjoyed the peace and coolness and quietness for awhile and then wandered back down and sat in a shady spot and had a picnic. It was really a great way to let the stress of the day go.

When we were done we headed down to Lynne's for our craft night and to meet baby Sophie. We usually do scrapbooking or card making but lately we have been into beading. Man I am getting old! My eyesight has deteriorated to the point that even with magnifying eyeglasses on I was basically just blindly stabbing the tiny beads at the line and hoping they would hit the right spot. Lots of fun though and it's just nice to get out one night a week and chit chat with the girls.

The week at work flew by with both busy days and days where I could just concentrate on getting more of the pictures of trees onto the pages. All of our Hydrangeas and Butterfly Bushes (Buddleia) are blooming right now and if I don't get them on the page shortly after they are taken then they disappear into the groups of pictures and then I can't remember which bloom went with which. The Hibiscus are just starting to bloom now. Next week I should be able to get them up. Khushwinder has been working on the pond area and we are hoping to have an upper pond that runs and falls down into the lower. Khush has only been working on it for two days and it's coming great. He thinks he can have water running for us by Monday. If so I'll get a picture.

Al has finished Harry Potter and is waiting for me to finish so we can discuss it. Josh came home from camping on Tuesday and came for dinner. I knew I would be busy on Wednesday night and Thursday night and that Al would be done by Friday when I wanted to finish it so I sent him home with his copy. He was very happy to get it. I didn't want to rush through the last bit. I wanted to take my time and save it til I could sit and finish it without being bugged by anyone or falling asleep. When I am done here that is where I am heading. To finish the last hundred pages or so of Harry Potter.

Feeling pretty good this week. The heat gets to me and triggers hot flashes but I am so used to them that unless I am out too long I can function quite well. The office itself is cool and has fans running. I'm going to end this with a series of pictures that were emailed to me from a friend of a friend. They were taken in Chief Lake BC near Prince Rupert. They speak for themselves. :)

Monday, July 18, 2005

The flu?

Sometimes I think we get so used to feeling crappy all the time that when we get something else like the flu we don't know enough to just lie down and rest and get it over with. I, at least, keep thinking it is Hepatitis related and therefore not much you can do but motor on. I've been fighting nausea since Thursday and extreme tiredness and I'm starting to think it's the flu. But for the last 3 or 4 days I have been fighting through it and motoring on after a rest to settle the stomach. Today I am giving in and staying home and just doing nothing but read and rest.

Saturday morning we were up early and I knew the bookstore was opening early because of the Harry rush so we waited and went up around 10. There was no lineup and the ladies were looking lonely. Another lady and daughter arrived while we were getting our book and I was asking if they had been busy and she said not really. I said I had waited til I thought it would be quieter to pick it up. The other lady and daughter had done the same. But we both got our copies and clutched them to our chests and went rushing off to read.

I got home and settled down on the couch in my computer room (it was raining so no porch swing) and stayed there for several hours reading. All of a sudden Josh arrives and is mad. He has just been up to Safeway to grab some food for camping and there at the service counter were copies of Harry for $19.99 after Josh had prepaid at the book store to the tune of $29.99. He was all for taking it back and buying his copy at Safeway. But after huffing about it for awhile he gave it back to me and headed out for camping. Late in the afternoon the skies cleared and Al and I went out for a walk and he was wanting to know if the book was good and I was wanting to discuss various aspects of it with him so I made him stop at Safeway on the way home and I went in and got him a copy as well. Home again and we did a bit of housework and had a light dinner and then both settled down with our books. We are both about half way through and are really enjoying this installment. I was reading this morning about JK Rowling and how hard it was going to be for her to stop writing Harry books but I think it will be a lot harder on us loyal Harry fans.

Yesterday I woke up feeling much the same and fought back several bouts of nausea (Al is one of those types that if he feels sick he goes and throws up and is done with it. I on the other hand fight it and will do almost anything to avoid throwing up) and started out with a fairly quiet morning. Then for some unknown reason I was feeling guilty sitting doing nothing and decided to work on my computer room for awhile. Al had other plans of little things he wanted to accomplish around the house and yard. I quickly came to the conclusion that the only way to procede was to get Al to move the work table (attached to the wall) to the wall I now wanted it on and then I could slowly go about putting things where I wanted them and getting myself re-organized.

I always preface these ideas to Al with the comment "Hey babe, I've been thinking" and he hates that! He says whenever I say that it means work for him and he is usually right lol He had put the table where it was now and when he went to move it he had attached it to the wall so well the first time that he had a hell of a time getting it taken down. After several sheared screws, much foul language, several reproachful looks and a big scratch on his tummy he managed to get the table moved to where I wanted it. I spent the rest of the day alternating between bouts of nausea (time to sit and read my book for awhile and do some deep breathing) and getting a bit of energy and guilt attacks, I worked on getting the room set up the way I want it. Al filled holes and whatnot but I wouldn't let him paint right now. I just wanted to get things put away and in some kind of order.

I was worrying that I would recieve my Card Angel assignment and not be ready to go with worktable in order and all my card making supplies at handy reach. And really it couldn't have worked out better because when I sat down at my computer last night there was my Angel assignment! I have been given a teenage boy here in Canada that is suffereing from cancer and going through chemo. So today I start by getting a card and an introduction letter off to him and his family. You are given the chance to turn down your patient but I think a teenage boy is right up my ally. He is into video games and rap music like most teen boys.

When my boys were home they got me playing Nintendo and Super Nintendo and all the various video games and then onto computer games. When Rogue Spear came out Josh got me playing it and took me onto Mplayer and left me there telling me briefly how it worked to join games etc. I have been playing with and talking to the same group of online players now for 5 years. A good portion of them are teen boys but there are also women and men who played RS and joined the leagues ( I was in ROD - Revelations of Death!!) and got to know one another. We have a forum we all still go to and I am an admin on that board. RS and Mplayer died and the kids have moved on to other games and GameSpy but we all still come back to the board and stay in touch with each other. It should give me some insight as to what my new buddy is interested in and after watching the boys chat on the board for all these years I feel fairly comfortable taking on a teen boy.

My two best online friends are both male. John is from Scotland and has been over to Iraq as a reserve a couple of years ago. He phoned me from over there and has called me from Scotland a few times to chat. I know all about his family and his mom and dad and bothers and nieces and nephews. He is in his 30's and has met a nice girl and is getting married this year. My other buddy is a university student in Connecticut who had a liver transplant 5 years ago. We have our livers in common and speak often. He is doing very well and going into his senior year this year. He was only 17 when he had his transplant. I think my association with both of these guys and having 3 sons should help me considerabley with my teen patient.

The flower at the top of the page is something that came up at work but I have no idea what it is. Jude bought a bunch of bags of bulbs last year and they sat around and then one of the girls we had at work for a short time potted them all up for her but threw away the bag and tags so we have no idea what they are. We grew them just for ourselves so it's no big deal but it would still be nice to know what it is. It is certainly gorgeous!

Well I am off to phone in sick to work and go back to bed with my book for awhile. If this is flu well then I'll give the old bod a rest and hope it gets over it and if it's the Hepatitis well then I probably need a day of rest anyhow!

Friday, July 15, 2005

Long week already!

Well this week caught up with me early and I was trying to fall asleep at my desk at work yesterday by 2 in the afternoon. It was awful fighting to keep my eyes open and not nod off. I finally got my camera out and went outside and took some pictures of the new plants in bloom. I try to keep up with all the new developments on the trees and take pictures of the various happenings so I can add them to the webpage for work. Our goal is to have pictures of all the trees in all the seasons so people can get a good judge of what that tree will look like in their garden.

I walked down to get the mail and then back to a couple of more customers and then home. We had an early dinner but I was almost too tired to eat. By 8 I just said screw it and went to bed. I was asleep before 9 and slept through except for a few night sweat wakeups but even those didn't get me out of bed last night. I woke at 5 and here I am. Grumpy and out of sorts still. Although it does take me an hour or two in the mornings to get moving these days. Usually by the time I have to leave for work I am feeling better. I've made coffee, fed the cat, and given the dogs their treats. Now everyone has wandered off and will leave me alone for awhile.

Josh and Corinna are heading out camping for the weekend and Josh has a pre-paid copy of Harry Potter to be picked up on Saturday morning. I have the receipt!!! Therefore I get to pick it up from the store and that automatically makes me the first person to get to read it. Then it goes to Josh, because after all it is his book, and then Al has dibs on it. My weekend, which is supposed to be hot hot hot, is going to be spent layed out on the swing on the back deck with Harry Potter and an endless supply of cold drinks ranging from Iced Caps from Timmy's to diet Coke and Pepsi to water.

I just checked my email and this picture was there from my daughter in law along with this comment.

"Looks can be deceiving ...................... This sweet little girl said to me yesterday (upon hearing the words "bedtime") "Mommy, I do not love you. I am running away to Uncle Josh's new house." Got that Uncle Josh? She's coming, so you better stock the candy because she apparently doesn't do bedtime. You got the 4 billion inch projector TV just in time!"

Well that just made my day! Feeling better already. Nothing like a sweet picture or two of my baby girl to start the day out right. :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Flag girl continued......

Thought I would add a few pictures of the job yesterday just because I find it so interesting and thought someone else might as well.

This would be me flagging down the end of the road.

The Takeuchi digging the old tree stumps out.

The guys getting ready to unload and place the new trees.

This last picture is me in front of the finished job.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Flag girl

Today was the day Jude and I were acting as the flag girls on the job we had to replace the big trees in the hedge. I was pretty nervous about it and had visions of a huge traffic nightmare. Jude and Stew went yesterday and got us all the correct equipment including hardhats, orange vests, stop/slow signs, pilons, men working signs and walkie talkies we already had. We had to have the Takeuchi with the tree spade taken to the job site by a transport company and the trees we had taken over on a crane truck that was then available to lift the trees into the holes. These trees are approx 20' tall and way to heavy for a person to handle alone with the rootball and everything.

We all got there at approximately the same time and the guys were getting Jude and I set up on either ends of the area and as we were heading up to the top area to put the caution sign and set some pilons a car came screaming around the corner really fast with the guys waving him to slow down which he did and moved over but Stew says to Jude and I, "if some guy like that seems to be coming at you too fast and not looking like he's going to stop just dive into the ditch" !!! I am now looking at the rock and prickly ditch thinking well geez!!

They got us set up at either end and we had our walkie talkies and within a few minutes we had it worked out and then it was fun. Most people were very nice and smiled or waved on the way through and nobody gave me the finger! The job went well in we were out of there within a few hours with a happy guy with a fixed hedge. We got back to the office and a couple showed up that had come over from the island to look at some of our boxed specimens of japanese maples. A car had gone over the lawn and mowed down their 50 year old Weeping Cutleaf Japanese Maples. They had searched on the internet and found us and phoned last week. Today they were over and our trees were the only ones that they had been able to find that were as old and as big as the ones they lost. They want them both. So we'll see if they actually do come and get them. Together they are worth over $5500.

Even though we were having fun I came home exhausted after work today and did basically nothing but sit and visit with Al and sit on my computer. I need some quiet days with a book and my porch swing I think. Although the weather has been crappy lately. Already in July we have had more rain than we usually get for all of July. Terrible night last night too. Maybe worried a bit about flagging but I woke up over and over with night sweats and restlessness. I got up a few times and went and stood on the porch for a bit in the cool air. But I try not to open my eyes too wide. I try just go there and stand a bit and then head back to bed and try to get comfortable and doze off again. Poor Al, I think some nights I drive him crazy. He makes me laugh though. With me being so hot at night I push my covers off and pull them back on over and over and he tries to get out from under the pile I've pushed on him and on and on......he says if we video taped ourselves sleeping and then played it in fast forward it would look like a pizza maker spinning dough with our blankets being the dough and up there flying in circles some nights. We have literally some mornings wakened up with our blankets, which were at our feet at bedtime, now at our heads. Plus we have a fan running and if it's really hot a fan on each side of the bed. We could damn near fly a kite in there some nights. And still I wake up with hot flashes or night sweats or whatever. It's tiring because your sleep ends up so interupted. Oh well enough whining.

My friend sent me this link. It is very cool.


Be sure to click on NEXT PAGE at the bottom of eachpage; there are 5 pages in all. A lady found a hummingbird nest and got pictures all the way from the egg to leaving the nest. Took 24 days from birth to flight. Because you'll probably never in your lifetime see this again, enjoy; and please share. Click on this link:

I meant to ad that I had a bit of a giggle over the weekend. I am a huge Harry Potter fan and have read all the books more than once. I didn't get into them until about book 4 and I have taken to reading the series again before each new book comes out to get myself back up to speed. Anyway we are waiting anxiously for the new book to come out and last weekend it was on our news over here that one of the stores in Vancouver that got the books in prep for the selling date wasn't paying attention and sold some 12 or so books early. Then they freaked out and are offering to give the holders of the new books an autographed copy of something by j k rowling if they return them. They have even gone to court getting a court order to have the books returned (although they don't know who they sold most of them to) and an order barring any of the buyers from disclosing the plot. Can't wait!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Busy, busy!

We have had a very busy week! By the end of last weekend we had the livingroom and dining room and hallway just about finished. We didn't have any pictures up yet or base boards down but we were almost done.

On Monday night our friends from the Okanagan called and they were riding their motorcycle down and over to the Sunshine Coast and they were planning on stopping and spending the night. Soooooooo that meant scrambling around and trying to clean up all the mess and get it looking half decent.

The pictures show the before and after of the floor and the paint and they also show I haven't painted the door or the trim yet. But that will come. Our company had arrived by the time I got home from work on Tuesday and it was great to see them. Sue and I have been friends for over 30 years.

The only problem with the visit is that by the time I got home they had been here for a few hours and had been drinking for a few hours as well. It makes it hard to visit with people when they are half cut and you don't drink.

Still all in all it was a nice visit and they stayed overnight and left the next morning. They were heading home on Friday morning early so they didn't stop as we were both at work. They are planning on coming down again closer to the end of the month and staying for a few days and that will be nicer. They are doing well and seem happy.

Wednesday night we decided to have a quiet night to rest after our busy weekend and our company so we didn't do much except clean up and do the dishes as the following night was my turn to have the girls in for craft night.

Thursday the girls were here and then it was Friday! We are back to a Monday to Friday week at work and closed on the weekends so I am liking that better than working on Saturdays although I did enjoy having my Mondays to myself :) Oh yes! On Wednesday morning on my way to work, which is about 20 minutes down the freeway towards Vancouver in Langley, my car started to chug and lose power. I made it off the freeway and headed towards work hoping I could get to work before it died. I made it one long country block away! I was very lucky. Called Jude at work and she called the guys and they all met me on the corner and the guys towed me in. They jumped it at work and then figured out it was my alternator. Long story short I ended up taking home the truck from work and the guys fixed my car the next day. Nice to work for a place that helps out like that.

Our plan for this weekend was to relax and rest and then get back to it next weekend but Al wanted to get the floor finished in the hallway, which he did. Then we decided to get the rest of the stuff we needed to finish up the computer room and bathroom as well. We had got one extra box of laminate so we took that back and got the base board we needed to finish up there. We also had to run around and do grocery shopping and then this morning we decided to go to the swap meet. So we haven't accomplished our restfull weekend but we did get a lot of other stuff accomplished.

I have been feeling pretty good considering how busy we've been. Very tired right now but I think anyone would be tired with all the running around we have been doing. This coming week sounds like it could be pretty busy as well. On Tuesday we have a big job to do and Jude and I are going along as flag girls. We have to replace part of a 25' tall cedar hedge that a car drove through and took out at least 5 of the cedars. We have to use a crane truck to do the job of both transporting and placing the trees and the road is fairly narrow with an "s" curve on it so Jude and I will be flagging at either end. This should be an experience! Stewart is giving us a crash course on Monday and we are going out to get the proper gear.

Well this is kinda boring but I am awfully tired and am planning on a quiet evening with a book!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Half way!

I'm half way through my 4 days off and we are half way through re-doing the livingroom. We started with the dark wall that we were doing in that Deep Garnet. Who knew it would take 4 coats and 2 gallons of paint to get the colour done properly? It took us all one day to do the Garnet. One full wall and a strip all around the ceiling that extends into the hallway and becomes the ceiling. Then yesterday we started the other walls and they took one coat and most of the day to finish. By dinner time last night we were ready to pull out half the carpeting and start laying the floor.

By the time Al figured out how to go about laying it out and I had read the instructions and we made our little end pieces for blocking it was getting on. We read that it goes in the direction of the light source so Al started on the far wall and ran down the wall to the end and then when you get to the end, you probably need to cut the last board to make it fit. You then use that piece you cut off to go to the top of the next row and this is how you stagger the boards to give them a nice natural look. Well by the time we had it all figured out and laid the first row down and reached the end we had arrived at the piece that needs to be cut off but also needs to have the heat vent cut out of the middle of it. It was going onto 10 pm by then and the neighbours would not have been impressed if we had powered up the saw and started cutting wood out on the back porch so we called it a night.

Here we are now at 8:30 on Sunday morning and Al dying to get going and start cutting stuff. We've been awake since 5:30 so the day is well on for us. He's gathering all his bits and pieces of stuff and is getting set. We were able to use the underlay that was already down under the carpet which was nice. Al was trying to save me a big piece of the carpet to put into the computer room but honestly I hate that carpet so much I just never want to have to look at it again. It's been here for all eleven years we've been in this house.

We had been here nearly a year when we got Keesha, the husky cross female we have. She was a good puppy for the most part but for some unknown reason when she was about 7 months old, we went out one day and left her home and she dug a hole in the carpet right through and down to the underlay. We were not happy when we got home and she got a very stern talking to with much finger shaking and "Bad Girl!!!" and she hung her head and was very apologetic. The next time we went out and left her alone she did the same thing but this time she grabbed the corner of the area she had managed to get through and ripped it all along for about 5 feet and then grabbed the underlay and pulled it out as well. This time she got a spanking and was banished outside for a few hours while we patched the carpet back together and moved furniture around to hide the ripped spot. She never touched the carpet again or did anything like that but for all this time we have moved the furniture around to hide the ripped carpet!

It's been early nights for me. The first night painting that Garnet wall, Al stayed up til 1AM to get it all done and so it could dry overnight so we could get on with the rest. I on the otherhand was passing out on the couch by 9:00 and Al woke me up and sent me off to bed. Right now he's headed off to Rona and Tim Horton's and I'm still sitting here at my computer having a lazy start to the day. I do have plans for the day though. Al doesn't need my help with laying the floor so I am working on what is now my office/hobby room!

The plan was that when Josh left and got his huge computer desk out of here that Al would move his desk in. Well with all the shuffling of stuff he has come to the conclusion that he'll take Josh's bedroom for his office/storage area and I can have this room as a combination office/hobbyroom and sitting area. The tv that was in here is now in the livingroom and we still have a tv in the bedroom. I don't think I will miss a tv in here. I'm usually on my computer or working on crafts (scrapbooking, card making, beading) and listening to music on my computer so if I really need to see something on the tv I can go in the other room.

I have a nice comfy old loveseat in here too and lots of shelving. I just need to get organized and lay the room out differently. We haven't got the paint for in here yet but I plan on some nice greens. The loveseat is green floral so that works too. I have a door for a worktable and a couple of freestanding units. I would like to be able to have a place for everything and everything in it's place so that it leaves the workspace clear most of the time. I always seem to end up with most of the work area covered with stuff that has no real home so that when I want to use the area I have a major cleanup to use it. So my work is cut out for me today.

I was talking to Allie on Friday and she mentioned they may be out to Abbotsford today to visit and to go over and have a look at Josh's new place. Al has to go at 10 and help Josh and Ryan pick up a couch for Josh that's at Viz's place. Josh has hurt his back in the move and Ryan was supposed to come and help move the couch yesterday before work (he starts at 4pm) and he slept in and didn't show up so Josh was all pissed off at him. Today is what I heard last so we'll see how that goes. Al's back is not good either so I hope he doesn't hurt himself. He just wants to get on with getting the floor done.

Well I'm off to get going on this room. I'll try and post some pictures when we are done. We had Live8 on for part of the day yesterday. Also heard they found Shasta Groene! Poor little girl. No sign of her brother so that doesn't bode well. I hear we have a baby missing in Ontario as well. Some days you have to wonder what is wrong with our world, it seems to get worse and worse and I cannot believe that Karla Homolka gets out tomorrow. Twelve years went by pretty damn fast.