Sunday, July 10, 2005

Busy, busy!

We have had a very busy week! By the end of last weekend we had the livingroom and dining room and hallway just about finished. We didn't have any pictures up yet or base boards down but we were almost done.

On Monday night our friends from the Okanagan called and they were riding their motorcycle down and over to the Sunshine Coast and they were planning on stopping and spending the night. Soooooooo that meant scrambling around and trying to clean up all the mess and get it looking half decent.

The pictures show the before and after of the floor and the paint and they also show I haven't painted the door or the trim yet. But that will come. Our company had arrived by the time I got home from work on Tuesday and it was great to see them. Sue and I have been friends for over 30 years.

The only problem with the visit is that by the time I got home they had been here for a few hours and had been drinking for a few hours as well. It makes it hard to visit with people when they are half cut and you don't drink.

Still all in all it was a nice visit and they stayed overnight and left the next morning. They were heading home on Friday morning early so they didn't stop as we were both at work. They are planning on coming down again closer to the end of the month and staying for a few days and that will be nicer. They are doing well and seem happy.

Wednesday night we decided to have a quiet night to rest after our busy weekend and our company so we didn't do much except clean up and do the dishes as the following night was my turn to have the girls in for craft night.

Thursday the girls were here and then it was Friday! We are back to a Monday to Friday week at work and closed on the weekends so I am liking that better than working on Saturdays although I did enjoy having my Mondays to myself :) Oh yes! On Wednesday morning on my way to work, which is about 20 minutes down the freeway towards Vancouver in Langley, my car started to chug and lose power. I made it off the freeway and headed towards work hoping I could get to work before it died. I made it one long country block away! I was very lucky. Called Jude at work and she called the guys and they all met me on the corner and the guys towed me in. They jumped it at work and then figured out it was my alternator. Long story short I ended up taking home the truck from work and the guys fixed my car the next day. Nice to work for a place that helps out like that.

Our plan for this weekend was to relax and rest and then get back to it next weekend but Al wanted to get the floor finished in the hallway, which he did. Then we decided to get the rest of the stuff we needed to finish up the computer room and bathroom as well. We had got one extra box of laminate so we took that back and got the base board we needed to finish up there. We also had to run around and do grocery shopping and then this morning we decided to go to the swap meet. So we haven't accomplished our restfull weekend but we did get a lot of other stuff accomplished.

I have been feeling pretty good considering how busy we've been. Very tired right now but I think anyone would be tired with all the running around we have been doing. This coming week sounds like it could be pretty busy as well. On Tuesday we have a big job to do and Jude and I are going along as flag girls. We have to replace part of a 25' tall cedar hedge that a car drove through and took out at least 5 of the cedars. We have to use a crane truck to do the job of both transporting and placing the trees and the road is fairly narrow with an "s" curve on it so Jude and I will be flagging at either end. This should be an experience! Stewart is giving us a crash course on Monday and we are going out to get the proper gear.

Well this is kinda boring but I am awfully tired and am planning on a quiet evening with a book!

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