Friday, July 15, 2005

Long week already!

Well this week caught up with me early and I was trying to fall asleep at my desk at work yesterday by 2 in the afternoon. It was awful fighting to keep my eyes open and not nod off. I finally got my camera out and went outside and took some pictures of the new plants in bloom. I try to keep up with all the new developments on the trees and take pictures of the various happenings so I can add them to the webpage for work. Our goal is to have pictures of all the trees in all the seasons so people can get a good judge of what that tree will look like in their garden.

I walked down to get the mail and then back to a couple of more customers and then home. We had an early dinner but I was almost too tired to eat. By 8 I just said screw it and went to bed. I was asleep before 9 and slept through except for a few night sweat wakeups but even those didn't get me out of bed last night. I woke at 5 and here I am. Grumpy and out of sorts still. Although it does take me an hour or two in the mornings to get moving these days. Usually by the time I have to leave for work I am feeling better. I've made coffee, fed the cat, and given the dogs their treats. Now everyone has wandered off and will leave me alone for awhile.

Josh and Corinna are heading out camping for the weekend and Josh has a pre-paid copy of Harry Potter to be picked up on Saturday morning. I have the receipt!!! Therefore I get to pick it up from the store and that automatically makes me the first person to get to read it. Then it goes to Josh, because after all it is his book, and then Al has dibs on it. My weekend, which is supposed to be hot hot hot, is going to be spent layed out on the swing on the back deck with Harry Potter and an endless supply of cold drinks ranging from Iced Caps from Timmy's to diet Coke and Pepsi to water.

I just checked my email and this picture was there from my daughter in law along with this comment.

"Looks can be deceiving ...................... This sweet little girl said to me yesterday (upon hearing the words "bedtime") "Mommy, I do not love you. I am running away to Uncle Josh's new house." Got that Uncle Josh? She's coming, so you better stock the candy because she apparently doesn't do bedtime. You got the 4 billion inch projector TV just in time!"

Well that just made my day! Feeling better already. Nothing like a sweet picture or two of my baby girl to start the day out right. :)

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