Sunday, January 06, 2008

January 08

A new year is worth a new outlook I think. Last year was a bit of a bust for me but in a quiet way for the most part. I got into my new job but had the stress of knowing I was going to have to start the drug trial at any time. So I spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out how to do both. Lucky for the me the guys I work for were great and let me set my own schedule with their only comment being they just wanted me to be OK. I just felt I couldn't settle down completely until I had things under control.

Along came the drug trial and it was not for me. I tried and then I beat myself up for failing. The summer was a bust as I spent a good portion of it either throwing up, trying not to throw up and getting better again. A fairly long process considering I only managed 4 weeks of drugs. Still wicked stuff! My hair fell out for months afterwards. I was afraid to have too much done to it right up until November.

Christmas was good and I spent time with my kids and family. Had a very good time and was easy on myself and didn't even attempt to "Do it all" So no baking and no decorating and it worked out fine for us. My mom wanted to take us (my three sons and I - granddaughter with her mom till Boxing Day) out for Christmas dinner so none of us had to worry about cooking. The boys were all for it and I thought it sounded like fun and time to make some new traditions etc. So after much checking around we ended up going to the River Rock Casino in Richmond (which is where my Mom lives). They have a fabulous buffet! It really was delicious. Then we headed down to the casino to play the slots for awhile. I have never been in a casino before and never gambled and I had a really good time. The slogan from the various casino ads kept running through my head - Know your limit and stay within it" and I did. The middle son won 125.00 so he was happy. We only stayed in the casino for an hour as the snow had started falling fast and thick so we thought it best to hit the road. Mom in Richmond and the rest of us out into the valley with the snow falling all the way home but it was good and we had a really nice day. Boxing Day was spent at my brothers with Mom and all my brothers kids and grandkids, my boys and granddaughter and various family friends. Lots of good food and good conversation. Again a very nice time was had.

So now here we are into 2008. I have decided on a few things starting with the Hep C issue. I am going to ignore it as best I can this year and just go for my bloodwork every 3 months and check the lft's. My viral load is low and I feel really good and energetic these days. Maybe I have learned to pace myself better but the last few months have been full and busy. I am up at 5AM and work from 8 - 4:30 and then home. Weekends are full with housework and chores and getting out and walking and visiting with friends. Re-treatment I will deal with in the future as I need to. Not this year though, this year is earmarked for other more fun things!

Work has changed and I am enjoying my job alot. I am the office person and take care of all office matters including billing, banking and payroll. I also have a company truck and I pick up supplies and take them out to the guys on various job sites all over the lower mainland. I could see myself staying with this company till I retire which isn't all that many years away now. I turned 57 in November so it is only 8 years until I retire.

I am in de-clutter mode at home and am working away at it bit by bit. When my husband and I split up two years ago and I moved into the apartment I just took all the crap with me. Now two years down the road I am going to get rid of a good portion of the stuff and start over. I am starting at one end of the apartment and going through it and either reorganizing it and then getting it into a tub for storage or I am throwing it out. I went through my closet the other day and had a pile of clothes chest high on the floor to give to MCC (charity out here ummm I think it stands for Menonite Central Commitee) Thrift Store. I am going to throw out or get rid of furniture too. Ikea seems to be the way to go!

Yesterday we booked our Alaskan Cruise for July of this year. My two girlfriends and my Mom are going on this trip. We've booked a quad room on the Norwegian Sun and this well be our first cruise for all of us. The girls and I plan on someplace hot next year, we are thinking about Mexico at an all inclusive, or flying to Hawaii and doing the islands cruise or one of the girls has family connections in Costa Rica so we may do it. This is all in prep for our big tour of Europe when we retire. Get used to travelling and be all ready for the big one.

One of the presents I got my son and granddaughter for Christmas was tickets for the three of us to go and see the "Walk with Dinosaurs" production that is travelling the world. It is based on the original BBC series. It looks so interesting and my son loves stuff like this. My granddaughter is almost 5 so I don't think it will scare her, at least I hope not.

So that is the plan for the new year. Work hard, enjoy life and have plans to look forward too.

I'm adding this picture my middle son took of my beautiful Nemo. It really shows his pretty eyes. Lacey is good and got lots of toys and new clothes for Christmas. I make her and my friends dog jackets for the rain and cold and also house jackets. I've given up the sweaters, they sag and the jackets are much nicer. I'll have to get some pics on here of her growing wardrobe but for now enjoy Nemo's beautiful eyes.