Thursday, April 20, 2006

Brighter days

Things are looking much brighter and I'm feeling relaxed and good. I talked to Al over the weekend and we went out for a walk and some coffee. Lots was touched on but we'll see how it goes. He says I jumped to some conclusions that were not true but he never corrected my conclusions either. If nothing else we are starting to be able to be friends again.

The apartment is great! It's bright and easy to keep clean. I have it pretty much the way I want it and Ryan is happy with it as well. The only down side is his bedroom which he promises to get done this week. In the mean time I'm closing his door when I can't stand seeing it.

Work is good. Busy as we can handle and the weather is finally getting nicer and so that brings out the people wanting trees and shrubs for their gardens. Yesterday I worked outside most of the day setting up the one gallon area and cleaning out another area that we plan on putting discount plants into. Stuff that will come back but didn't overwinter very well. Khushwinder is planting around the ponds as he goes and has the time.

There is an area between the barn and office that we haven't done much with yet and Jude and I were looking at it yesterday and we are going to turn it into a garden area for us at work to garden in. Her husband Ed is going to build us some nice big raised beds and Khushwinder has fixed up the outside of the barn and put some window boxes in for us. We are going to move my porch swing into that area as well and it will be a nice little area we can use after work. We'll close the gates and sit and have a nice swing and then work on the garden. We want to put in some veggies that all of us at work like. We are all big squash eaters so we'll put a few tires on the bank and plant some squash in the tires, some carrots and maybe some broccoli and cauliflower, cukes and whatever else we feel like. All four of us and Ed if he's into it, can garden there whenever we get a minute during the day and after work as well.

Jude planted the window boxes the other night with petunias of various colours so that will look beautiful. There is a farm on the way home close to where I live now and they rent out garden plots to anyone who wants one and I've been looking at it each day and thinking I want to garden! So Jude and I talked about it yesterday and she was totally into it as well and Khush got interested immediately as well so this will work for all of us. I'll take pictures as we go. When I get home tonight or later today if I have a chance I'll take some pictures the way it is now and then as we go. I'm happy with what we got done yesterday. The guys are heading out on a job today so probably will be gone for most of the day so I can work my way along with the plan I started yesterday plus I need to get out there and get some pictures of the trees as they are getting their leaves. I noticed yesterday some of the trees are in bloom that I totally missed last year as it got so busy so quickly so I need to get out there today for sure and take those pictures.

We are going to be into the summer before we know it and I have to get together our catalog before the CanWest show in September. Lots of hours at home working on it but that's fine too as I can bank my hours for the week I'll be away in Quebec in July. I would like to get as many hours banked as possible for the coming winter for when I may need to be off here and there if I do start treatment. We'll see.

I was at Dave and Allies on the weekend and spent some good time with my baby girl and got some cute pictures of her. She sat on the table in front of me and made funny faces so I could take pictures and show them too her quickly on the screen. She'd laugh and laugh and then say Ok grandma take more. So I got quite a few of her being silly but manageed to sneak in a few good ones too. And as much as I hate getting my picture taken I let Allie get one of Christina and I together.

I'm looking forward to be able to go and pick her up on those warm evenings or weekends and head to the beach or park. That is if I can afford the gas!! Man the prices suck right now and they keep saying it's going to get worse.


carol said...

Love the photo's they are wonderful. You seem to be much happier and the apartment sounds great.


Elizabeth Anne said...

Hi Carol,

Nice to hear from you and yes things are better and I'm happier and feeling good. I had so much fun laughing and playing with the baby, it's like a big dose of medicine! Hope all is good with you and yours.


jane1962 said...

Hello Elizabeth Anne, I have been follwing your blog since you began and just want to say how good you sound, and how glad I am that you are feeling "up" after the horrible time you have had recently. I did want to leave a comment when things were so rough, but it felt strangely intrusive to start up an aquaintance at that point, or maybe I just lost my nerve and didn't know quite what to say! I have found that when I have been in a similar position, people do tend to cross the road when they see you coming, simply because they don't know what to say and are embarrased at the thought of getting it wrong....Anyway, may you continue to feel so positive!

Sue, Toronto said...

Hi Elizabeth Anne,

So nice that you are feeling so upbeat! Photos are terrific and apartment (and everything!), sounds very good. Your comment on Ryan's room made me laugh - am in constant battle with my son about the state of his room - he's also promised to "clean it up" this weekend...

All best wishes for continuing positivity,

Elizabeth Anne said...

Hi Jane,

I'm glad you finally said Hi! I know it's weird sometimes to think you are reading someone's personal history as well as it is for the person writing things to strangers they have never me but for me anyway, I say things here that I may not say to anyone else because they do know me. It's much easier to write knowing the people who might be reading it have no idea who you are or who the people you are talking about. It's easy to be honest I guess without worrying about hurting anyone's feelings. Anyway I'm glad you stopped to say hello :)

Elizabeth Anne said...

Hi Sue,

You would think at 27 he could manage to keep his room clean! It's the one thing he does that drives me crazy but hopefully by the end of this weekend he'll have it all done.

The sun is shining here in BC and I hope it's shining on you in Toronto. How's your gas prices? I almost had heart failure when it went to 111.9 here in our town last week. I managed to fill up at 101.9 at Costco last Monday so I'm hoping it will come down again before I have to fill up again.