Friday, January 06, 2006

Jan 27

January 27 is the day! I just got the call from the doctor's office and the approval is back. I wanted the appointment on a Friday so I have the weekend to recuperate. I am taking two weeks off to get started and then will head back to work and see how it goes from there.

We meet with the real estate lady (Carol Ann) tomorrow to look at a couple of condo's and anything else she may have in mind.

I haven't heard from the drug trial lady (Lilia) again so haven't received my informed consent form to read. Having second thoughts with this. We'll see what the consent form says.

Have a date with my husband tonight for dinner and a quiet evening. Sounds good after a full week.

Keesha has been to work with me 3 days this week and seems to be enjoying it. She has met Lily and Lily is no longer allowed in my desk area. Keesha guards it. I think she'll mellow out quite a bit as they get to know each other better. She is getting to know the guys and has stopped barking at them for the most part.

Wow! 3 weeks from today to get everything in order and ready for this. EEEEEKK!!


Sue, Toronto said...

Hi Elizabeth Anne,

Congratulations on having a start date! Hope that all things come together pre-treatment and that the next three weeks pass smoothly. Thinking of you,

Elizabeth Anne said...

Thanks Sue, Every so often I get a jolt of panic and then I'm fine again. I'll probably be trying to talk Al out of going on the morning of the 27th as I did last time. I know it will all be fine. :)