Tuesday, January 17, 2006


He seems to have all the symptoms of depression. We have been in touch by email daily and he sounds so sad and in so much pain it kills me to read it. The boys initially because super protective of Mom but I've talked to all of them and asked them to give him some time. He emailed the boys and they have responded and we are all just in limbo waiting now. He has contacted his human resources at work and is seeking help. He isn't ready to come home. He may not ever be. One day at a time.

I went back to work for a few hours yesterday and will go each day now. I'm still having trouble controlling my emotions but for the most part have it under control.


Anonymous said...

i am not sure who suffered from depression, but i want you to know that i have family members who suffer from depression and i want to support you too. it would be a long and tiring process. but, be strong. take it one day at a time. you can make it.

a friend

carol said...


Think your system is more or less the same as ours, get him to see a doctor asap. Don't know whether his human resources at work will pick it up.
Keep strong,

Elizabeth Anne said...

Thanks anonymous,

I'm trying Carol, I sent him a link and a few paragraphs about depression and he emailed me back to say that was why he was asking help from Human Resources. I haven't talked to him face to face as he still says he can't face me or the boys yet.

Sue, Toronto said...

Hi Elizabeth Anne,

So sorry that you are going through so much. It may be that human resources at his work has an EAP (employee assistance program), that will offer him confidential short term couselling. This might be an excellent first route for him to explore.

In meantime, please take care and ensure that you are getting any and all the rest and support that you need. Am thinking of you,