Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Doctor visit

Well, today was the day we got the paperwork rolling. The doc said it could be fairly quickly that it all comes together. He told me there is another study happening and it won't help me at all but if I am interested in it, they will pay me $1600.00 !! I asked for details and so far what I've been told is that they are looking for people just starting treatment that they can do a bunch of blood work on before you start. For three months they do nothing, they just let you get on with treatment. At the end of three months they put you in this clinic attached to the hospital for a couple of days and give you HIV drugs to see how they metabolize. He says the drugs are very benign and that I can quit at any time. I said I'd be interested in at least finding out what it's all about.

The girl called while I was still on the way home to say she had talked to the doctor and would email me through the info and talk to me again tomorrow to discuss what it all entails. I have no problem helping as long as it doesn't make me sick or sicker than I already am. We'll see after I've read the "informed consent" I have to deal with it before I start treatment because they need to have the bloodwork done before you start treatment of any sort. I'll know more when I've read it.

I got a gift certificate for Cole's or Chapters Books and they didn't have what I wanted in my town so we took the opportunity today to stop at the big Chapters in Vancouver while we were there and I got two good scrapbooking books. This time I refuse to lie around sick. If I can't go to work then I at least want to have my scrapbooking and computer and printer all ready to go. I was thinking the other night, last time I was on treatment I started in August. In September the 11th rolled around and I was home watching it all unfold on CNN. Then we had the Winter Olympics happen and I was home for that as well. So here we are four years later and I'm back on treatment watching the Olympics again. Maybe I'll do treatment every winter Olympic year! Not!! Ok more when I've had a chance to read the informed consent form for the other drug trial.

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