Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Shot #4

Week 3 is done and tonight I take shot #4. I did manage to get all my pills down this week except for Friday's when I was sick all day and didn't get any pills down at all. But Saturday I rallied and managed to get back on track. This week I have to do all the pills. I know as well as the nurse telling me how important it is to stay on track but again I still have my bouts of nausea when I wake up in the morning. I would have to take the anti-nausea pill every 4 hours all night long in order to not be sick in the morning. So I start my day with a couple of quick tokes to settle the stomach, then I move on to getting down the anti-nausea, wait 45 minutes and take my pills with some kind of breakfast.

Then my problem becomes that the anti-nausea pills make me want to sleep. So what I have done is applied for both Medical EI and CPP Disability and we'll see what happens from here. But at the moment I don't have to be to work each morning and that has lifted a considerable amount of stress with HAVING to have the pills down by 6am in the morning.

I got some of my bloodwork and my hemaglobin is down to 12.2 and my nutraphils are at 1.82 so both are falling but for right now they are fine. The good news is my alt and ast have fallen within the normal range so that made me happy. I go back next week again and until then I just have to concentrate on getting the pills down and staying ahead of the nausea as much as I can. If it means frequent short naps then so be it. I'm going to try and get in some exercise each day as well and poor little Lacey will thank me for that! She hasn't had nearly as many walks but she's a good little girl and she is totally litter box trained along with the cat so I am very lucky there.

I'm starting to get a rash both on the back of my hands and a couple of itchy spots on my back and arm and leg but not too bad so far. Pop is not tasting good to me right now so have been drinking alot of juice and water. Denise has a good point about the ginger so one of my sons brought my 4 different ginger teas to try and I'm going to get in a good supply of ginger ale and see if that helps as well. So I'm a bit itch, a lot sleepy and a bit nausea but happy with this week and feel like next week might be better.

Many mornings though I have to admit, I wake up feeling so nauseous and saying to myself I can't do this, what the hell was I thinking and on and on but I do know as soon as the nausea passes so does that mood and I feel much more upbeat and ready to march on with things when it's under control. Food is still a bit of an issue as far as crappy appetite and with needing food to get the pills down I have switched over to several small meals or snacks instead of three meals a day. That just wasn't working for me.

So overall? This was a better week than last week. :)

I went down to Lynnie's on the weekend and sat by the pond with my camera and took a few pictures. I'll post a few here before I go. It's a little piece of heaven on earth.



Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that the nausea is going
better this week. Looks like this new drug isn't making treatment much easier but at least I hope more effective. I just wanted to add some words of encouragement. Hang in there. Saving your liver is a great cause. I really hope this VX950 brings the success rate up and improves the success rate for genotype 1s like you. I'm a genotype 2 myself and cleared with the standard treatment. Best of luck with everything!


Terry Lee said...

Hopefully, you're body will adjust to the treatment before too much longer and things will ease up for you. Hang in there, you're the bomb!

Anonymous said...

Glad it is getting better. Looks like you have the real thing. I don't know which I have. Some days I think I have it others I don't know. I will do shot 4 tomorrow AM and go into the clinic in the AM and get the results. I wold love to say i was normal range.

I still find higher fiber foods helping me quite a bit with the discomfort.

Keep positively improving!

What a beautiful place to be. You are in the right place.


Anonymous said...

Hi EA - Hope the nausea is subsiding w/the help of the magic pills and the ginger stuff. Sounds like you're having a much better week and that is so encouraging.

What a beautiful pond - looks like a very peaceful place to hang out. Thinking of you and sending hugs,