Thursday, May 10, 2007

Day 3

Today was a somewhat better day. I never did get a gravol down last night as my stomach was very queasy still and I had stopped throwing up by dinner time. I slept and at 6:00 am I did manage to take 2 gravol. At 9:00 am I took two Trelapravir then spent the rest of the day battling nausea. This evening Jude and Lynne came over and talked me into trying gravol suppositories and then a little herbal remedy and my stomach finally settled. I have to try and eat something now and I would like to try and take 2 more trelaprivir before bed. Tomorrow I'll try to stay ahead of the nausea and take all of the Trelapravir and introduce the ribavirin again.

I've talked to the nurse again today and she says to go at my own pace as I need to be able to eat and drink or it will become even more of a vicious cycle. So right now I am going to try and have something light to eat and take my 2 pills with it.

Work is being really good and telling me to take my time and get the drugs stabilized in my system and all is fine.

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Terry Lee said...

Hi Elizabeth, so glad to hear that things are looking up for you. One day at a time gets to the finish. I'm sending you many good wishes.