Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Shot #2

Week 1 is done and I took shot # 2 last night. I’m taking all my pills and I was back to work Monday morning. The day was fairly rough and I left an hour early. Tuesday I had to be back at the hospital for blood work and to check in with the nurse. All was good and I was back at work by 12:30. The rest of the day went great and I felt really good.

Work is being very supportive and I can set my own hours as to when I am here etc. and that really helps a lot with the stress. Talking to the nurse yesterday I realized my headache (right where the base of the skull joins the neck) is probably caused by stress. Also during all of last weeks trying to get the pills and all under control and missing 4 days of work had me pretty much freaked out for awhile and on Saturday morning my back went into spasms!! Also probably stress related she thought. So I am really trying to take the pressure off myself as far as I can and allow some things to slide a bit if they aren’t all that important. I nag myself to death on a regular basis and I’ve decided to stop it and get a little more laid back.

This is going to be a year of cleansing for me, both physically in cleansing the virus or trying too as well as mentally and emotionally. I’m going to spend this time of treatment being kind to myself and pampering myself where I can and just getting through all this as best I can and not beating myself up for stupid little things like the housework or whatever. I’m going to let a whole lot of baggage go too as I really have no control and I’m not going to worry about what I can’t control.

My friends have been wonderful and are rallying around at every point. Jude and Lynne have both phoned regularly and Jude took me into the hospital yesterday so I didn’t have to drive. Lynnie and Al had me for dinner last night and we took Lacey for a walk after dinner and got some fresh air and a bit of exercise. Sue has been phoning and emailing and my Mom is in touch daily. Even the boys are staying in touch and making sure I don’t need anything so I feel like I have a wonderful support system all the way around.



Terry Lee said...

I'm so happy to see that you are feeling better. You really went through a rough start. Wishing you an easy ride from here on out

Anonymous said...

I totally understand the vicious side affects. This is my 11th month I have 7 more....HOW ???? Prayers and tears...

Anonymous said...

I have browsed your blog, and you are one tough girl, what you have been through...! Good you found relief for nausea so you can keep on fighting, and have some good friends to give a little help. I'll be checking back on you. For now wish you good luck that it will be easier from now!

hep CC (just diagnosed)