Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Good Days, Bad Days

The days go up and down. I'm good at work and when I'm busy but the rides back and forth from work are difficult. Too much time to think. Some days the other drivers must think i'm insane. I blast the music and sing to the top of my lungs but often with tears rolling down my face. The evenings suck pretty much and sleep is an elusive thing. I have learned to hate 4 AM I got an email from Al last night and while I'm sure he's hurting, it just sounds so glib and uncaring as to what I'm feeling. He's just walked away and left me with everything. A house full of furniture, two dogs that make it almost impossible to find a smaller place with, a yard with sheds full of crap and years of storage that I am going to have to go through and decide what to do with.

Josh gets home from India on Saturday. Dave will pick him up from the airport and I'll go to Dave's and bring him home from there. Thursday night is girls night and it's at Lynnies this week. Have stuff I should be doing for work at home so i'll do alot of that on the weekend and thankfully the Olympics start this weekend so that will help keeping me distracted over the next two weeks.
The picture at the top is of a Crane that showed up in the yard yesterday. This picture is of Judy, Khushwinder and Gary standing on the new bridge Khush built yesterday over the creek that he also built last summer.

In a week or two I'll go and get my counts. See what is happening.


Sue, Toronto said...

Hi Elizabeth Anne,

Tears and anger are healthy responses. The way to and from work, combining tears with singing and music, sounds like a perfectly reasonable way to release.

We're into the Olympics too - watched the opening ceremonies last night, which were beautiful.

Enjoy girls night, seeing Josh again and upcoming work stuff. Picture of crane is amazing! Hope your upcoming liver counts are okay. You're in my thoughts,

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Your little grand-daughter is so adorable, I know she brings you much joy and unconditional love. The best therapy in the world is our grandchildren!