Wednesday, February 01, 2006

February 1st already!

Rob Thomas is coming to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in March and the tickets go on sale on Friday. Jude and I are going to go if we can get our tickets before they are sold out! I loved him when he was with Matchbox 20 and I really love his songs with him alone. It should be a great concert. Work is getting very busy so we'll be putting in extra hours and we've decided we need a treat in the way of Rob Thomas. :)

We had also been planning a trip for a few months and we are going ahead on that as well. Some time the end of April to the end of May. We have a nice crew cab truck here at work and Jude has a camper for it. We are going to put the camper on and on a Thursday night we'll head to Vancouver Island and to Comox to pick up our friend Barb and another girl named Lindy that I don't know yet. From there we head to Tofino where we plan on camping for a few days. We want to either fly or rent a boat (Lindy is a very experienced water person who teaches kyaking among other things) and head to a place on Clayoquot Sound called Cougar Annie's Garden. That's Cougar Annie in the picture. Click the links and you can read about it all. From there we plan on heading back to Port Alberni and catch the Lady Rose and go to Bamfield and back. We will eventually end up back at Barb's on the following Tuesday and get a late ferry home and back to work on the Wednesday.

It should be lots of fun and an opportunity to relax and take some wonderful pictures. We are also planning several day trips here and there over the spring and summer as work allows. Jude's daughters live in Merrit and the Merrit Mountain Music Fesival is held there each year so we are talking about going up over night and camping up in the mountain above the festival. Also up to Celista to see friends up there that live on the Shuswap Lake for a day or two of relaxing at the lake.

I went last week and got my hair cut and streaked. I've wanted it shorter for years but Al was always against the idea and although I could have just gone and done it I took his feelings into consideration and just never got it cut as short as I wanted it. So much grey showing these days that I decided to go with some blonde streaking as well and I love it! So much easier to care for. Everyone keeps saying "Gee, you look wonderful" and looking at me puzzled. I guess everyone thought I would be a basket case and look terrible. I am made of much stronger stuff than that and I am determined to get on with things and just do the best I can.

I've been feeling pretty good with just some liver area "awareness" and tiredness. Starting to sleep better and I am refusing to let my mind wander to places I don't want it to go. Work helps and I fill my evenings with work, the internet, tv, reading and visiting with Ryan. The weekends have been very busy so far and I'm hoping this coming weekend will be a little quieter. Still working on one day at a time and the Serenity Prayer. Hard to believe we are into February already. Sun is shining this morning for the first time in ages. It's wonderful to see it!


carol said...

Great to hear you sounding so happy. Love the bit about getting your hair done, I'm sure you look 20 years younger!!
Hope you get the concert tickets and have a great evening.


peter said...

Nice work taking care of yourself! I'm lucky, the gray hair hasn't really hit me (at 51), but I don't think blond streaks would be quite right for me.

That picture on your post... Rob Thomas has aged a bit, hasn't he?!

Elizabeth Anne said...

lol Peter, I looooovvvve Rob Thomas. No, that is Cougar Annie. Strong old girl for sure. Took very good care of herself and the land as well. Someone to emulate.

The Queen Elizabeth Theatre is where Rob is playing and it's a smaller venue so I'm hoping to get tickets the first day before they sell out.

Over the years I've been to some really good concerts. Everyone from Led Zepplin and the Beachboys to Melissa Etheridge and Pink Floyd. George Michael was good and so was Hewy Lewis. Sonny and Cher was my first concert way back around 64 maybe. Melissa was my favorite so far. I missed Nickelback last month and have been kicking myself. Rob Thomas should be excellent.

Elizabeth Anne said...

At 6:06 AM, Sue, Toronto said...

Hi Elizabeth Anne,

You sound good. Very much liked your comment about emulating Cougar Annie's "taking care of yourself and the land" mindset. An admirable place to be.

Hair sounds fabulous! Hope you're able to get the concert tickets. Your concert reminiscing got me thinking... believe my first concert was Sly and the Family Stone at Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens around 1971 or 72.... yikes!

Camping plans sound absolutely amazing. Looking forward to photos when you go. You are very proactive and positive Elizabeth Anne - very inspiring.

Elizabeth Anne said...

Sue for some reason your comment didn't post on this page but did if I click on the link from the email. I think it may have had something to do with the maintenance they did on Saturday. Anyway I copied and posted from the other page.

Thanks all for your comments and support. I appreciate it.