Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring! Finally…

The sun shone beautifully on Saturday and we got up to 24C out here in the valley. I was wonderful!! That is our first nice sunny warm day and man it seemed like every person that owned a motor bike was out riding it. People were everywhere; walking, biking, working on their yards.

I got my eye test done and got to the glasses place and was out of there as fast as possible so I could get out into the sun. I went home and grabbed Lacey and headed down to my friends place and washed the truck and let Lacey play in the sunshine. Then we headed off and went for a walk along the dike. It was great!

Sunday we were back to normal with cloudy weather all day. I did the inside housework in fits and starts. I am finding I am tired a lot again. Work is all I manage to get done during the week with a walk thrown in for Lacey a couple of evenings if the weather is nice. I save all the housework for the weekends and then I do it in bits with lots of rests in between. That sucks. I would like to just power through and get it all done and then enjoy the rest of the weekend but if I really push myself and get it all done then I am too tired to do anything else anyway.

Also I have a rash. It is kind of worrying. It is spreading right up my back and around the sides of my stomach and breasts. It is a somewhat like the rash I got while on treatment especially the part right up my spine which is where it started both times. I don’t think rashes are normally found with HepC without treatment but I don’t know what else it could be. I haven’t done anything like change detergents or anything like that. Very annoying.

It is down to 13 weeks till we leave on our cruise. This hasn’t been clear sailing so far. My mom almost baled out on us as she was feeling old and tired and really didn’t think she was up to a cruise. We talked her into waiting till Spring and some sunshine before she decided and she has now agreed that it will be fun. Then one of my two friends has not told her husband yet that we are going. I’m not sure why but she keeps saying he won’t care but she just hasn’t found the right time yet to tell him.

The third friend, she just found out last week that her husband has a large tumor in his bowel. We offered to just give up our deposits and cancel so she doesn’t have to be stressed and worried about it all but she is not having any of that! She says if he is very sick when cruise time rolls around then she will just give up her fee and stay home but she does not want to cancel. She feels he will get in fairly quickly for the surgery and then if there is chemo or radiation after then she’ll play it by ear. They are both feeling very optimistic as two of his sisters have already gone through this and come out of it fine so they feel he can beat this too. But all in all it is worrying for them and for all of us that care about them. We’ll do what we have to do and go from there.

I am so ready for Spring!! I want to shave my legs, paint my toe nails and wear Capri pants to work with a toe ring and an anklet. No more winter sweatshirts and hoodies and fleece!!

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