Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'm Cruising!!

Well I have been waxed, shaved, dyed, plucked, and cut (hair) and I'm all set to head off on my cruise. The bags are packed, the animals all taken care of and I'm sitting here now waiting to leave to go and pick up Lynnie. We head in and get Jude and her husband is driving us to the cruise ship. My brother is picking up my Mom and we'll meet there.

The guys will be moving the office while I am away so I'll be coming back to a brand new never been used office and desk. New phone systems will be in place. So all is good there.

Back in April when we went and paid off the cruise I took $300 american out of the bank and put it someplace safe for the trip. Well on Friday I went to get the money and I couldn't find it. I've searched every place I could think of and no money. On Saturday I went to the bank and got another $300 american out and I am sure I will find the other money safely tucked away someplace probably round about Christmas but oh well! It will be a nice surprise when I do find it. :)

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