Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Day light savings

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Well here we are into March already. I just realized that Day Light Savings is next weekend too! Wow and then this year Good Friday and Easter are the weekend of the 21st of March so a nice long weekend. I am really looking forward to that.

End of February is the end of our fiscal year at work so I have been busy with that along with the regular stuff. The guys have bought a new office and shop space. Up until now they have been leasing a place but decided to buy into a new industrial park so we have a brand new space. The shop area is cement walls and cement floor so other than a work bench etc it is fine but the front office area is just framed in so the guys are having to build the office space. It will be great when it’s done. Big windows, air conditioning, a brand new clean bathroom, a new desk and office furniture. Can’t wait!!

Saturday was my son’s 36th birthday. Thirty-six!! Wow, hard to believe. He is the oldest and father of my granddaughter. The next or middle son will be 35 in November and the youngest just turned 29.

19 weeks left till we go on our cruise. Time is just flying along. My mom is having second thoughts about going now too. She’s paid her deposit but she is not feeling great and says she is tired and just doesn’t feel like going. I am of two minds. I think she’ll feel better when the weather gets nicer and she may get some energy and feel like going and I would love her to come but if she really doesn’t feel like going I don’t want to force her to go or make her feel guilty for not wanting to go. If she does back out we have the option of filling her spot with another friend if she leaves us enough time to do that or the rest of us (myself and two girlfriends) can just split her portion between us and pay for it and only have 3 of us in the quad room which might be nice as it will give us more space. As it stands we need to pay the final amounts by the end of April so if she decides by the end of March then it still gives us time to fill her spot and gives the other girl time to make arrangements. So either way the three of us are going, it’s just whether or not it will include Mom, another friend or just the 3 of us.

I’ve been feeling pretty good the last week or two. I got a really bad case of the flu that lasted almost 3 weeks. Felt really cruddy but the silver lining (and there is always a silver lining) is that I lost 8 or 9 pounds while I was sick and now I’m trying to keep it off plus 8 or so more and then I’ll buy a few clothes for the cruise J I absolutely refuse to buy any until I am pretty sure that I’ve managed to lose all the weight I can before hand.

I’ll be glad when day light savings kicks in and it’s lighter for longer in the evenings. Right now when I get home from work there just isn’t enough time to get out for a walk so poor little Lacey waits for the weekends to roll around to get outside and get some exercise. Poor baby. With the longer evenings and the weight loss plan I’m hoping to get out every day after work for a good walk.

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