Sunday, July 29, 2007

July in Beautiful BC

I've heard nothing from the hospital so I guess I can safely assume the virus is back. No surprise there!

Lynne and I went to Mintner Gardens yesterday. It's out the freeway past Chilliwack almost to Bridal Falls. They have weddings out there as well as being a garden. As it so happened yesterday there was a wedding while we were there and it was such a gorgeous setting! I got one picutre of the bride going by with her dad.

I have been working on my drawing and am really enjoying it. I wanted to get some good macro's yesterday of various flowers so I can use them to draw and did get some gorgeous closeups.


uncertain4sure said...

You live in such a beautiful part of the world and your photography is fantastic!
Maybe you could pick a date to call about your results, for instance the first of the month or something like that?

Terry Lee said...

I love your photos!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, we have linked to your site from our blog:

Linking back would be greatly appreciated!

Elizabeth Anne said...

Hi, Thanks for the link and I have linked back. Thanks for the informative blog. :)