Thursday, July 05, 2007


Well I went today to give blood again so they can chart how quickly the virus comes back. The last test came back <30.

I have to go back if the virus hasn't come back yet from this bloodwork but not until August 10th. I wonder how long it WILL take to come back.

Weather is hot and gorgeous here the last couple of days and I'm feeling so much better. Work is good so all is good in my world at the moment.

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Alberto said...

Hi Elizabeth, I'm a Spanish guy suffering from hep C too. Cleared with combo treatment but relapsed. Now awaiting to be included in a telaprevir trial while on maintenance therapy. I came across your blog by chance. I am writting to you just to wish you good luck. I've found really interesting your account of the trial. I had heard something about nausea but didn't know it was that bad. Anyway, we have to keep on fighting