Friday, June 29, 2007

Clearing the virus

I just got a call from the drug study nurse to let me know that the bloodwork they took 2 weeks after I stopped treatment showed that I had cleared the virus. This is what happened last time I was on treatment too. I had cleared by week 4 and stayed that way till the end of treatment and then the virus came right back.

They need me to come in for more bloodwork to see how quickly the virus comes back. I guess they'll do that every few weeks until the virus shows it head again for data collection sake.

Ahh well it's nice to know that i still respond quickly. The nurse said that it is good news and bodes well for any future treatment. She also said they have found that is you have to discontinue treatment at all the virus does come back. Last time I had to stop the ribavirin twice to allow my counts to go back up. Now they can control the anemia much better so by the time I go at this again they may have it all under control.

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