Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Working at home today....

Jude is sick now and the guys are working offsite so I am at home today with a little black kitty bouncing around in my lap, a cup of hot chocolate and work I can concentrate on uninterupted by the phones! My world is a bright and sunny place today (even though it's raining outside!)

I'm feeling much better although still have a bad cough and am still using my puffer. The doc said I have to use it for two weeks and that's til Monday when I see him again. Then if all is ok I can stop puffer and get my flu shot. I think whatever this was went after my liver too as I had some liver symptoms with very orange urine, and much fullness and pain in the liver area but finally today that is starting to feel better as well. I still tire very easily and was in bed and asleep by 8:30 last night. But I feel better today so we are definitely on the upward swing both physically and mentally.

This is a 4 day week this week with Rememberance Day on Friday. I'm glad. Thursday (if Jude is feeling better) is our girls night and we didn't do it last week because I was sick. Lynne's birthday was the 30th of October and mine is tomorrow so Jude wants to take us to dinner and a movie for our birthdays. That sounds like a blast and I'm ready for it this week, or next for that matter if Jude is sick tomorrow. Nov 1st was Josh's birthday so on Friday, Dave and Allie and baby are coming out to Josh's where we will all get together for Josh's and my combined birthday. Ryan has volunteered to pick Mom up in Richmond and bring her out and take her home afterwards (sweet boy) and she will finally get a chance to see Josh's new home. So the week is shaping up well with lots to look forward to.

We've had a great week so far at work too. Two of the local cities parks people came out and toured the farm and put in orders for trees which we'll dig as soon as Khush gets back from India. One of the parks boards is asking us about custom growing for them and that would be great! They tell us what they are going to need in a few years and we get them planted now so they are of a size when they need them and we don't have to worry about selling them as the are pre-ordered. All good stuff. We have several big tree moves lined up as well for when Khush gets back. Again for two different cities in the area. Love working for the cities as they pay with no hassles.

Anyway, I'm back, bright eyed and bushy taled and ready to go! Better get to work now if this little kitty will let me :) Picture today is the fall colour of my Samurai Japanese Maple I have outside on the deck. It has gorgeous veined green leaves in summer and goes to this in the Fall. Love it!


andyh said...

Hi Elizabeth, Glad you are feeling a bit better. Happy Birhtday to you, hope you have a good day.

Elizabeth Anne said...

Hi Andy, Nice to see you here :)

I am feeling lots better and am almost done my puffer I hope. Foul tasting thing! Thank you for the birthday wishes. We had a lovely dinner and I got a very sweet rendition of Happy Birthday sung to me by my two year old granddaughter!

Hope you are doing well.


Sue, Toronto said...

Hi Eliabeth Anne,

Happy Birthday! Glad you're feeling better and hope that the rest of the family is well soon. Your Japanese maple is gorgeous.

Elizabeth Anne said...

Hi Sue,

Thank you, yes we are all feeling much better. :)

I love my Japanese Maples above all my trees. I have the Samurai, a Full Moon Maple and a Shojo Namura Japanese Maple. This is the first winter I've had them and I was looking forward to see the colours. They were spectacular and well worth waiting for.