Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Date night

Al and I had been planning our date night to go and see Harry Potter for weeks. On Friday night I came home from work and layed down for an hour so I'd be ready to go as I was up late on both Wednesday night and Thursday night. We went out for pizza and headed over across the river to the big Silver City Theatre that had it showing at 5, 7, 8, 8:30 and 10:15 We got there and there was a big sign on the door saying Harry Potter sold out all shows except the 10:15 and knowing it was a 2 hour 37 minute movie we knew we'd never make it. We had totally forgotten about pre-buying of tickets or we would have gone over earlier in the week and bought them. So we went and bought our tickets for Sunday at 5pm and went home and went to bed!

On Saturday the kids all had plans to go to one of their friends birthday party so Dave and Allie had called to see if we would watch Christina and of course we said yes! She arrived cranky after refusing to have a nap but after some dinner she perked up and played around quite happily. She is so funny and is talking constantly. She chased the cats around for quite awhile ( I always put the dogs in my bedroom and turn on the tv for them so have they something to watch while she is running around. It makes me too nervous as their mouths are at her face level and although they have never done anything to suggest they would hurt her it still makes me nervous) When bedtime came around I put Lady and the Tramp on for her and sat in same room with her. She sleeps on a loveseat in my computer room so it worked out pretty good except she just didn't go to sleep! Finally after Lady and the Tramp I put on Fantasia and at 11 she finally went to sleep and I headed off to bed.

At 4am she called me saying she was wet. So I got up and changed her and then said it's time to go back to sleep and I headed back to bed. She says No Grandma you have to sit in the chair! meaning that's where I was when she went to sleep and she wanted me to stay there while she went back to sleep so I turned on the computer and waited for her to go back to sleep. She didn't and at 5:30 we gave up and she got up so in total her and I had 5 hours sleep! She was very sweet though and kept me entertained just listening to her. When she left she said Oh Grandma! I'm going to miss you soooooo much!" I love being a grandma!

So Sunday by the time the kids left it was 1pm and I layed down for a bit of a nap before we left for Harry. Josh had seen it at the first showing on Thursday night at midnight but had missed the first 10 minutes so he wanted to see it again and he came with us. It was excellent! Well worth the wait and I love the continuity of having the same actors play the characters in all the movies. On one of the forums I am associated with it set off another big discussion about what is going to happen in book 7 and whether or not Snape is really a bad guy and did he and Dumbledore have an agreement that Snape would do whatever he had to do. We have decided that when Dumbledore said Severus please he was referring to the fact that he and Snape had an agreement that if it meant killing Dumbledore to make the deatheaters think he was one of them then he was to do it because they have to stop Valdemort at any cost. Of course the perfect ending would see Hermoine and Ron together, Harry and Ginny together, McGonigle as the new HeadMaster, Snape as the defence against the dark arts teacher and we've all pretty much decided that Draco will in the end turn out to be ok. lol we'll see.

Khush is back from India and came to see us on Friday and bring us some gifts he had brought back. It was sure good to see him. Monday morning the phones went crazy and we were busy all day. We've been pushing digging jobs off till the third week in November when Khush came back and I guess everyone took it to heart and marked it on their calendars and all phoned yesterday! Freaked us out a bit as we already have quite a bit of work lined up but we'll manage. He and Gary had the Takeuchi out in the field all day digging trees for the city that we have to get delivered Wednesday. Jude is going to look at a big job in Surrey this morning and just as I was leaving a big contractor called about a huge project they are working on in New West on a site that has dozens of beautiful old trees on it that they are interested in saving. Some may be way to big for our spades but we'll see. It would sure be nice to be able to save them.

I had to stop on the way home and Friday and take this picture. The mountain looked so pretty sitting up there in the clouds.


carol said...


I could have written the bit about looking after your grand daughter for you! Know exactly where you are on that one. Nice to know we are not the only ones. I'm sure the child knows that they can twist grandparents round the little finger from a very early age.
Have not seen the latest Potter film yet. Interesting slant on the final book. Have you looked at J K Rowlings own website? Good fun even for us so called grown-ups along with some unused bits the editor made her take out.
You sound good, best of luck with treatment start next year.


Elizabeth Anne said...

Hi Carol,

Yes they certainly do have us wrapped around their little fingers! They are so sweet and it's amazing to me to see glimpses of my son here and there. One day last summer we had her at the water park and we were following her around but letting her run and have fun and as she ran away in front of me I suddenly saw my son so clearly at that age and she was identical to him from the back with her blond hair and the little legs just pumping! It really is wonderful.

I haven't been to JK Rowlings site recently but will check it out again now that you've reminded me. I hope you make it to the movie, it is well worth seeing.

I am feeling pretty good these days and just waiting to see the doc. I am at that place where I am dreading what comes next but looking forward to it as well. Thanks for the good wishes, I'm sure I'll be bugging Martin with questioning emails once I get started!