Monday, November 14, 2005

No More Puffer!!

Yay! No more puffer. I just came from the doctor's and he says I can stop the puffer but I may have more problems as my lungs are sensitive and if I feel anything like that coming on again just start with the orange one and do it for two weeks. He cleared me for my flu shot so I made an appointment for both Al and I for Thursday nights flu clinic. He said Ryan should have it as well as long as he is living here but Ryan won't go so I'm not planning on fighting with him about it. He is also smoking in the house so that doesn't help my lungs much either but it's only for a few months and I've already told him that if we move into a new place he cannot smoke in the house and he agreed. Not like he had a choice! He also gave me the paperwork for more bloodwork to get done at the end of the month, two weeks before I see Dr. Erb. So all in all things are getting better.

I had naps on Friday, Saturday and Sunday which kinda worried me a bit but I must have needed the rest or I wouldn't have fallen asleep. I'm back to work today and man it was cold this morning. We hit zero for the first time this year. I hauled out the long johns and wore them today. The office is on the chilly side anyway but Fuad put a baseboard heater under my desk for me last summer cause he knew I'd need it this winter. So between my long underwear and my desk heater I was really quite toasty warm today.

Today I was doing bookkeeping all day and I really love it. Doing the books is one of those jobs that is all black and white with no grey areas. The numbers are either right or they are wrong! I love when everything falls into place and the numbers come out just as they are supposed to.

Lynnie stopped by on the way to work this morning and dropped off a jacket for Lily. She shivers and shakes in the cold and wet so Jude was looking into getting her a coat but the darn things are very expensive and Lynnie said No Way! I'll make her one and so she did. It is adorable and rainproof, lined with a strap under the belly to hold it in place and she loves it. She was out running around and no shivering at all. I took some pictures of her so i'll add some later. Gotta run now and get some things done here.

Oh! We went and saw Mr. & Mrs. Smith at the movies last Thursday and we loved it! Lots of humour and a great shoot-em-up. She really is a beautiful girl! Harry Potter on Friday! Can't wait.


Sue, Toronto said...

Hi Elizabeth Anne,

Dog is totally adorable! Getting cold here too - snowed yesterday. Can't say I'm thrilled.

Laughed when I read how you like doing the accounts - I love the sensation of having everything balance out, the right and wrong/black and white of numbers, as compared to the greyish stuff of the rest of the world. Suspect we're a minority, but I've always loved math.

Hope you enjoyed Harry Potter - am going to see it tomorrow. Take care,

Elizabeth Anne said...

Hi Sue,

Brrrr I think we may get snow this year too. It was -2 this morning.

It's funny about math isn't it. I think it's one of those things you either really like or really dislike.

Hope you are doing well and feeling back to normal these days.

Loved Harry Potter!