Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Rest..........glorious rest.

The last 5 days have been heavenly with gorgeous weather for the most part. I've spend most of it either on my computer on ensconced on the swing surrounded by reading material or beads. I even managed to have a couple of naps out there.

I still have a bruise and puncture mark on my side but overall I feel fine. It still hurts a bit both in my shoulder and under my ribs on the right side when I take a deep breath or yawn but I expect that to go away soon.

I'll phone Dr. Erb's nurse today and set an appointment to get the results. Fingers crossed. I really just want to get on with things and forget about my liver for awhile.

Edit: called and my appointment is Thursday the 9th at 11:45


caroljb said...

Hi Elizabeth
I have just come accross your blog so thought I would contact you. I do not have Hep C but my husband does. He has had it for about 30 years and has just started his third course of treatment(16/5/05)
It seems that you have really been through the mill recently, but hopefully the pains you have been suffering will go very soon.
We live in the UK, but are in contact with people all over the world that have Hep C. Many people have blogs and if you are interested you could get to them from my husbands web site. theboltons.plus.com He has included your blog on his list so don't be surprised if you start getting people contact you. There is also a forum running here that you would be welcome to join, should you wish www.ronmetcalfe.com/hepcforum
Take care

Elizabeth Anne said...

Hi Carol,

Thank you for leaving a message and for the links. I have favorited your site as well and also the forum. I'll be popping over to have a read often. :)

Elizabeth Anne

Sue, Toronto said...

Hi Elizabeth Anne,

I hadn't realized that you had your own blog when you commented on my blog a couple of weeks ago (must have been some blog dashboard trouble because I did try and click on your name, but didn't end up linking to your site)! Just found you through Peter's blog site and will add you to the blogger list on mine, if that's okay with you.

It would seem you've been through quite a lot, but have gained great things in the process. Your family sounds wonderful. I respect the strength and courage you've shown throughout your difficulties.

Is great to have you blogging! I look forward to following your journey,


Elizabeth Anne said...

Thanks Sue :) I'll be by often to keep up with how you are doing. I appreciate you adding me to your links and I have added you as well.