Friday, May 27, 2005

Previous Drug Trial

I went and hunted down my "Patient Informed Consent Form" from the last go round to check and see how much ribivirin I was actually taking. After reading some of the other blogs and comments it seems that 800 is quite low so I thought I should check and see what I was taking.

The study was Protocol Number: BV16209C Study Title: Multicenter Open Label Expanded Access Program of Peginterferon alfa-2a (Ro 25-8310) Monotherapy and Combination Therapy with Ribavirin (Ro-20-9963) in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C

I was in Treatment Group C: PEG-IFN + ribavirin for 48 weeks: Inject PEG-IFN, 180 micrograms, under the skin, once a week, and take 4 ribavirin tablets (800mg in total), two tablets twice daily with your meals.

Well considering what 800mg did to me I cannot imagine having to take a larger dose. I am thinking positive at the moment and planning on the biopsy showing no or very little progression and no treatment for the time being. :)


peter said...

Hi, Elizabeth Anne--

Thanks for commenting on my blog -- you gave me incentive to put up a new post. I've also added you to my list of blogs, if that's okay with you.

I love the newspeak of the phrase "Patient Informed Consent Form." Was I informed about treatment? Well, yes, but not too informed ;].

Best of luck with the biopsy results.

Elizabeth Anne said...

Thanks peterf, And as you can see I added you as well.