Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Banding Follow up

Thursday May 26th UPDATE: I heard from disability and they have approved it. It does not give me enough to live on though so now I pretty much have to wait until they start sending the cheques and then go and see a worker and see where this puts me. One move step done, one day at a time.

E. A.

I went today to see the doctor who did the banding.  He is very nice and said that the varices were large.  Something about the machine holding 7 bands and he did three of the varices with 2 each and then the 4th one he did a single band.  He says I have to have it done again. I asked how often and he said until they are all gone.  I asked if they would ever be all gone and he said yes, we are going to obliterate them! So I have to go for another endoscopy on the 7th of July.

I'm still waiting to hear on the federal disability.  The provincial one turned me down as I don't need a "device" (wheel chair, walker etc) or an aid to help me through the day.  They are the ones that made me apply for the provincial one and I didn't want to because I didn't think I fit the criteria and I guess I don't.

Other than that not too much new.  Just waiting, waiting and more waiting.


Fiona said...

That sounds like good news and bad news. Good that you will have further treatment to deal with the varices. Bad that you have to go through another endoscopy. Maybe this time press to stay a little longer on the day suite til all risk of nausea/sickness has passed.

I go for my second attempt at first endoscopy on 25th! This time they plan to give me the throat spray, a sedative and a pain drug - if this combination fails not sure where we go next!

Elizabeth Anne said...

Hi Fiona,

Hope you are doing well. Good luck with your endoscopy, I'll be waiting to hear how it goes.

I'm not looking forward to having it done again but we do what we have to do don't we.

We are heavy into hockey playoffs with a game every second day right now. My Canucks have made it to the semi final round. If we win this round we go against the last other team for the Stanley Cup. In Canada that is huge!!