Monday, April 09, 2007

Spring showers...........

May bring May flowers but man it would sure be nice to see the sunshine for an extended period of time. Friday was gorgeous and the temp went up to 22 and Saturday was quite nice. Yesterday it was not bad and this morning the rain is coming down in torrents. Oh well, round about June I should be complaining about the heat!!

Lynnie and I got in a good walk on Saturday and took Miss Lacey with us. I usually show pictures of her sitting looking pretty, well this is what she likes more than anything, to get out into the bush and dig herself a nice big hole and crawl into it and roll around. Then she is a happy little girl. We call her the "No Fear" dog. She jumps from great heights, loves to swim, dig and run. I also call her my little mud pit!! She is not the delicate little lap dog I expected but I love that little face of hers dirty or not. Mr. Nemo is a lovely boy. He is very clean and proper and he lets Lacey just mall him.
I am off to Lynnies for dinner tonight and then it's back to work tomorrow. I have heard nothing yet about the drug trial and might phone next week and see if there is any news.

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