Tuesday, April 10, 2007

THE phone call

I just got the phone call from the Dr.'s office regarding the VX950 drug trial. I have to be there on Friday the 13th (it has always been my lucky day!!) to go over everything, have blood work, a urine test etc to make sure I qualify for the study. I had a biopsy 2 years ago so thank God I don't have to have another one.

There are four arms to the study and it is decided who goes into what arm with a flip of a coin and one of the arms doesn't include the VX950, just the Interferon and Ribaviran for 48 weeks. The other three do have the VX950 in them in various combinations with the Interferon and the Ribaviran. I'll know more after the meeting. She also said only 8 or 9 are going to be in the study and I will be his only patient in the trial so I really do consider myself lucky! The nurse said if I have not attained SVR by week 12 the trial is done for me.

OMG!!! I am now going to alternate between sheer panic and "Thank God let's get this over and done with" until Friday.

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uncertain4sure said...

Hey, it's Friday! Hope you get into one of the "good arms." The odds are in your favor. Keep us posted.