Saturday, October 08, 2005

Thanksgiving Weekend

It's Thanksgiving here in Canada this weekend. So we get a long weekend which is always nice. We are going out for dinner tomorrow night and all the various kids have plans so we're not planning on cooking a turkey this weekend. Maybe next. I love turkey and have found the leftovers make excellent tv dinners. At the dollar store you can buy tinfoil dishes with the lined cardboard lids like the kind you get with chinese food. Jude turned me on to doing that and it works great. I've tried various things and turkey works the best. After a long day at work there are many days when we just don't feel like cooking so throwing in some frozen turkey dinners is great!

We have a new addition in the household. At work on Thursday one of the guys came in from the barn with a small black kitten in his arms. She is about 14 weeks old and was very very skinny. We think someone dumped her (and the rest of her litter) off on our country road and she made her way to the barn. She must have hid out for awhile until hunger drove her out and the guys saw her and brought her to me. It pisses me off no end that people do this sort of thing. If you get a cat then you get it either spayed or neutered. To let them have kittens and then dump them off on some lonely country road when you can't be bothered to find them a home is nothing short of cruelty to animals. They starve, get run over or eaten by coyotes or other wild animals. As I was taking her home safely secured in a box I passed the body of another one farther down the road. I have no idea how many more may be running around but the one I brought home is the only live one I've seen so far.

We named her Sable but I've been calling her Sally for some reason so I think I will have to change it to Sally. When I brought her home the dogs looked at me askance like they just couldn't believe I would do this to them again! Sirus the other cat also looked horrified. The kittens tail looked like a bottle brush. That was yesterday. This morning as the cats were eating side by side Sally decided that Sirus's food looked better so she moved right in on it and Sirus let her. The dogs have decided she is good entertainment and they follow her everywhere she goes. Kody is trying to lick her and she swats him on the side of the nose. Keesha checked her out and now she just ignores her for the most part.

On Thursday (busy day Thursday was) my son David dropped off Christina to me at work around noon. He had a scheduling conflict with work and nobody else was available to watch the baby on Wednesday and Thursday so Josh went in and picked her up on Wednesday and took her to the park and out for lunch etc with his friend Corina. As they were leaving the park Allie (mommy) phoned to see how they were making out and Josh said, "Well, we are on the way to see you so you can change her dirty diaper" and Allie said seriously bring her to me and then she got a chance to show her off to the ladies at work. Josh and Corina picked Allie up after work and drove her and Christina home. Then Dave brought her to me on Thursday and I took her home with me and kept her overnight and took her back to work with me on Friday morning and Dave came and picked her up at 8am. She was most annoyed and thought she was spending the day at work with me! On Thursday it worked out well though as I also had the kitten who was walking all over my desk and keyboard as I was trying to work! I have kitty footprints all over half my paperwork!

Other than that it's been a pretty quiet week. Work and more work. Al too. Very busy handling two teams at work and beat when he gets home. For the most part we have just let the house go for the week so today I am cleaning and doing laundry. Ryan too has been working long hours. He was here this morning talking about getting boxes and getting moved in and then he got a call from work and has gone again. He has til the end of October to get moved so he's fine. I am going to make a huge pot of spaghetti tonight and we are going to snuggle down and watch some movies. Josh has a huge movie collection and lends them freely so we always have more than we can watch at any given time.

I have two computers here this weekend that I am fixing for friends as well. Computers are one of those things that if you know a little and someone else knows nothing then you become the expert! Luckily between Al and I we can usually figure it out, but it's just one more thing that needs doing. Luckily when working for free and for friends they don't hassle me to get it done and are happy to work on my schedule. Normal week for me healthwise. Same old same old.

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