Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Dirty Rotten Liver Blues

A little girl named Haley Vincent that I have been following through her Caringbridge page http://www2.caringbridge.org/ga/haley/ has written and sings some liver related songs. She is 11 years old and waiting for a liver transplant. This last weekend she passed away still waiting for her new liver. Cut and paste or you can download them at the bottom of her page. I'm thinking about Haley today and singing her songs in my head.



carol said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Have just looked through Haley's pages, she looks a lovely young lady. Just so sorry that I did not find out about her until now, but thank you for bringing her and her family to our thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizebath,
My name is Kaelen and I am 13 years old. I did not know Haley but her story touched my life. Her songs are are awesome and to tell you the truth I am listening to " Dirty Rotten Liver Blues " right now.