Monday, February 21, 2011


Isn't that a glorious word!! It is to me today. I am down to one a day of both of the diuretics and it is holding. No weight gain and my kidneys are much happier :)

According to my doctor as long as we can maintain then all is good for now. My counts aren't great but not horrendous either. The only one I worry about these days is my platelets and that is for drug trials and it is at 85 still. So all good for now.

I phoned a couple of weeks ago to the health unit here to see if they have a dietician on site and they don't. They gave me a number and the nurse told me that with my cirrhosis I can access the dietician at the hospital for free, I just need a referal from my doctor. I got that today as well. They fax through the paperwork and then the hospital calls and sets up the appointment. We have that big, beautiful hospital a few blocks away so I'll be going there.

Outside there are big snowflakes drifting down. They don't seem to be sticking but they look pretty going by. We've had some weird weather around here lately. Sunshine but cold, warm but raining. Usually by this time of the month we are edging on towards Spring and already we have bulbs coming up. But on the other hand we've had some of our big snowstorms in February too. The garden stores are starting to bring in the primula's. My friend Lynnie bought me a pretty yellow one and I brought it home and put it on the desk for a minute. I came back and Nemo was eating it as fast as he could. NO plants are safe in our house. Buying a plant or flowers and then having to keep them up on the highest surface sort of takes away from having them in the house!

My brand new baby grandson is doing great! Gaining weight and sleeping well. I can't wait for the warmer weather when we can get out and walk more. He'll love the park and the stroller I'm sure.

All in all things are looking brighter. Haven't heard from disability yet................ One day at a time. :)


Fiona said...

Hi Elizabeth
I'd love to get some feedback after you have seen the dietician. Like you I have cirrhosis but have had zero advice on diet and am having to DIY a diet! I'm not too bad on the low fat (and I dont drink) but not sure that I'm getting enough protein now I've cut out red and processed meat. Also the whole vitamin/mineral supplement thing is a minefield.

Your grandson is gorgeous and worth being around for as long as possible. I cant remember if you have been considered for the transplant list?

Elizabeth Anne said...

Hi Fiona,

I'll let you know what I find out. I'm pretty good with the fat too and also don't drink of course but as for the rest I need some help pointing me in the right direction.

I'm not on the transplant list but it is something my doctor is starting to mention.

Dax is my second grandchild and the fist child for my youngest son. He is the sweetest little guy. :)

Fiona said...

Hi Elizabeth

My GP said we didnt have a dietician at my local hospital who would be specialist enough to advise on cirrhosis, so I'm stuck. If you get some really useful advice I'll ask again about a referral.

I'm scheduled to see my surgeon for another 6-month check in May and my GP has said to ask him about the procedure for being assessed for transplant.
I dont have ascites, but until my gastroscopy (I think you have one scheduled?) dont know about varices yet. Unlike you I dont currently have active Hep, though a Biopsy tomorrow (Fri) may reveal otherwise. It seems prudent to start gathering information on transplant, rather than be faced with a decision at short notice.

Elizabeth Anne said...

Hi Fiona,

I agree. I haven't heard from the hospital dietician yet....

My endoscopy is for the 31st of March so I'll no more then. I'll let you know. :)