Wednesday, January 10, 2007


It's snowing hard and beautiful outside but the roads are bad so I've elected to stay home and stay snug, warm and safe today. My babies love to sit on the window sill and watch the snow fall. There is a little black squirrel who hangs out in the tree across from the window and he drives Lacey mad. She growls and whines at him and it generally keeps her occupied and interested.

I was doing the T4's at work yesterday and came across this as I was reading instructions

"a) Remuneration paid to the employee:

before and during the month the employee turned 18;
after the month the employee turned 70;
during the months the employee was considered to be disabled under the CPP

so it got me to wondering whether or not I can collect CPP Disability if I get sick and can't work while I am on treatment. I also have an appointment with my family doctor on Friday so I can get bloodwork done so I'm going to talk to him about it and see what he says. Three must be something that will help other than having to go on welfare!!

Work is going well and I am feeling OK. Tired alot and heartburn is getting really bad but other than that I am fine. Just want to get going on treatment and get it over and done with.


TeaStarWitch said...

Hi, your pictures are so beautiful. You have cats? I love kitties :)

mj said...

Hi Elizabeth,
I just came across your blogg and I
just wanted to let you know that I
too have hep c and live in North Van.
I will be starting treatment in Feb.
(second time around) In 2003 I went on a 48 week trial of viramidine. It
was going well till I had to go on
half doseage due to anaemia. When the
trial finished my hep c was detectable again. So I am going to go
on the ribivirin/interferon route.
So I will be reading your blogg to see how you are doing.

Elizabeth Anne said...

Teastarwitch and mj, Thanks for commenting. I have the one kitty and the puppy and they are more than enough to handle!!

mj, it's nice to see another bc'er here and commenting. I am on the list for the vertex trial in the spring but have no idea when exactly it will be starting and what drugs I will be doing other than the vertex drug.

Good luck with the interferon and ribavirin treatment. I had issues with the anaemia and I am sure that is what affected the outcome and the relapse. Maybe we can be online treatment buddies and help each other along.

If you have any questions please feel free to email or message me and ask and also you will find that the Hep C Forum is very helpful and full of friendly helpful people who have a wealth of knowledge in this fight.

msb said...

I just came across your blog and am very interested in that new trial drug that you are doing. I did interferon & ribovirin 2 years ago and after 6 months the c was back. I'm from AZ USA and no longer have insurance but do have a state funded type of insurance. At the this time I am trying to get on the transplant list but really am interested in getting rid of the c in my body. Any info you have. You have lovely pics by the way.