Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A new week

Well I'm feeling not quite so uptight this week. At least now I have a plan and can focus on that. Obviously my moving to the island will have to wait until I am done with all this as I couldn't be making the trips back and forth while on the drug trial.

I was getting pretty stressed about my medical and extended health and stuff and thought with it coming up for a year that we have been separated that Al might go and get a no fault divorce and then I would be off the medical and extended health. I went and saw him on Saturday and he said yes I am still covered on his medical and extended health and he has no intention of taking me off of it or of getting a divorce. Yes he is aware that legally if this went to court etc he would be paying support and that I am entitled to part of his pension and he has no problems with that. He does however have financial problems but as he said that's his problem and not mine. He wants to and will do whatever he can to help especially in the Spring when the drug trial starts. He said if it comes down to it he will move from the house and get a smaller place so he can give me more but in the mean time he will start by at least paying my car insurance payment or put $100 in my account each month starting the middle of January. He is trying to get his bills paid down and when that happens he'll have more to contribute. Income Tax is threatening to garnishee his wages but again that is his problem and not mine. It was all very polite and he kept saying that he wants to help. So at least I know I have the medical and should I run into dire straights during treatment he will help.

Work is going good and I'm almost caught up on all the bank recs so when that is done I will feel a lot more comfortable about things. The guys are nice, a bit rough and rowdy but all very nice to me and very polite. I have been leaving Lacey home a day here and there so she gets used to in for those days when she is better off there such as the day I went to the hospital to see the doctor. I didn't want to leave her at work whining and bugging the guys and I won't leave her alone in the car so I left her at home with the cat. I had no idea how they would make out for a full day alone but the house was fine when we got home and the animals had all there body parts so they got along just fine. I think Nemo likes the company as he gets pretty bored. He is sure getting to be a big boy!
I've made the a bed between the couch and the window sill and they lay there and look out the window and snuggle up together and sleep. The new beta blogger is allowing me to post pictures again so I've added a few. Lacey in one of the sweaters I knit her, Nemo sitting on the window sill watching the snow fall and the two of them snuggled up on their window bed having a snooze.

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misspoppy said...

Hi Anne
I love the photos especially Nemo watching the snow, what a lovely view.
It appears things are beginning to move forwards for you now and I want to wish you all the very best with that. I was glad to see Al is prepared to support you on your tx journey too.
I also want to wish you all the very best in 2007 including improved health and undetectable virus levels. Vertex does seem to be the daddy of hcv treatments and I will continue to follow your journey.
Miss Poppy x