Saturday, November 25, 2006

Snowy Saturday

Well I guess I had better get busy here and post again. So much has happened since I last blogged a big blog so I guess I better backtrack and update.

My new job: Started the new job the beginning of November and so far so good. It was a bit overwhelming to begin with and the last girl didn't do any bank recs for 16 months so I've been trying to get that up to date but the accountants had closed last years books at the end of February 06 and it was very difficult to try and figure out some of the stuff she did. After trips back and forth to the accountants office it was decided that seeing as they forced a reconciliation at the end of February I would start there and work forward so that is what I'm doing. Payroll was also a challenge the first time round but I have it down now so that will be fine and the salesman has been very nice to me and not any problem there. His wife is another story but I just kept being very nice and not letting it get to me and now she is totally out of the picture. Both of the owners have been out of town on jobs basically since I started which in some ways was good and in some ways was not good but all in all it's working out ok. Oh, and most importantly, Lacey can still come to work with me each day. She is bored and doesn't get the same amount of exercise but she likes it better than being left at home each day!

The trip to the island: Jude and I went over on my birthday weekend and stayed with Barb one night and then headed up island to Port Hardy and spent a night up there as well. Back down to Barb's in Comox for another night and then home. We saw everything from bright sunshine to heavy rain and storms and some snow on our way up and down the island.

Barb, Jude and Ed (her husband) and another friend from our days in Williams Lake 27 years ago have been planning for some time now to buy a piece of property on the island and start a bed and breakfast that they can all retire to and work from and stay for the rest of their days. When Al and I split up they included me in their plans. So while we were over there we discussed it more and started making plans. Angus is in the Yukon and has a charter plane business up there. He needs to be there for another year and his marriage is ending and he needs to buy out his wife before he can proceed. Barb has a house in Comox that she needs to sell. So here is the tentative plan at the moment.

In April I will move to Barb's in Comox and help her finish getting the house ready for sale and get it on the market and sold. Then if Angus is ready for us, her and I will head to where he is and help him out until he is ready to sell up there. Then the three of us will go back to the island and find our piece of heaven and get moved in. Jude and Ed are starting the big downsize and getting rid of years of stuff they will no longer need and be ready to go in a year or two as well. Then we will do a number of things from the property. Some of us will need to work and some will work on the property. Jude and I will probably stay with the tree business (we already had our own company and registered name before we went to the tree farm and worked for someone else), Angus will continue doing a charter business with his planes and bring people in to us, I'll do the webpaging and bookkeeping etc and Ed is going to work on the property getting the gardens in including some trees to sell and extra buildings built (workshop and craft area, cabins maybe for the B&B), and Barb will do all the cooking and get the B & B running with Jude and I doing the grunt work for her (clean up in kitchen, chamber maids basically). We all want the same thing, we are all compatible and we will all have our own room or suite for privacy and best of all we will all have the ocean and beach in our front yard. We are starting to make our move now because the island is starting to be bought up by Albertans and Americans coming in so the longer we wait the more expensive the property will be. The one thing in our favour is we are happy to be in a slightly remote area.

James Blunt: A totally awesome concert!! He has a new song that he sang for us called Annie so I really like that!

Sue: They ran a bunch of tests on Sue and she saw the oncologist on Thursday. She called me Thursday night when the girls were here and it doesn't sound great. She has Lymphoma Stage 4 as spots showed up on her liver. The doctor said right now she isn't sick and it seems to be a lazy cancer. He doesn't want to do any treatment right now and he sent her for an ultrasound of her liver I guess to use as a baseline. He said there is no point making her sick when right now she isn't sick and the treatment would not be a cure. She has a standing 3 month appointment at the cancer clinic and goes for bloodwork before each appointment. When the cancer starts to do something or starts to make her sick then they will commence treatment which will include both radiation and chemo. She sounded upbeat but was foggy on some of what he told her. She was under the impression that the stage had to do with the cancer being confined to her upper body. We have been friends since David and her Scotty were babies together. They are both coming up for 35 this year! I have been emailing her often and will continue to do so as well as send little gifts and cards. When we were on the island we stopped at one of the native gift houses and I bought a healing strand. It's very pretty and I want to send one to Sue. I emailed Barb this morning and she is going to get one for me and send it over.

Well that brings me up to date on the last blog. So what's new? Well we got a dusting of snow last night and more is in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow. I love to look at it but I hate having to drive in it. Lacy and Nemo have been laying on the bed by the window and taking it all in and now they are having a snooze together up there. I'm so glad I got the two of them together cause they sure love each other! If we get and nice heavy snow falling I'll take Lacey out for a walk and a play in it.

I go and see the liver doc on Wednesday and am not really looking forward to that. My last counts are back on the climb upwards but I had been under alot of stress with one job ending and another starting so don't know if that has anything to do with it or not. Well I'm going to add a few pictures if blogger will let me and will blog again after I see the doctor on Wednesday.

Well again today blogger will not show the pictures so I'll post to photobucket!

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