Saturday, October 28, 2006

Started the ball rolling again

I finally made a doctor appointment and went and got my bloodwork done. Results next week. I also talked to my doctor again about seeing the specialist and he thinks it's a good idea and made me an appointment for the 29th of November. Last year the specialist wanted me to start treatment in January to take full advantage of a years worth of pharmacare. When I canceled the appointment a week before I was to start treatment, I never spoke to the doctor and haven't been back since. What worries me is that when I cancelled he took me off all his lists for new drug trials etc. So my plan is to go and see the doctor and discuss the whole situation with him and see what he has in mind. Even if I hold off on treatment for the time being I still want to be on any lists for drug trials and if he can come up with a way for me to do treatment right now then I'll go for that as well. So I've got the ball rolling again and I'll see how it goes from here.

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