Thursday, August 17, 2006

Feeling great

I'm feeling so much better and so much stronger this week. Without realizing it I think my looming anniversary was really getting to me and I had a few bad weeks beforehand. But the day passed and I am fine.

This Saturday I am going to try and make it up to an old friends house. We went to school together and actually met sitting in the counsellors office in grade 8. We were both in trouble of course and waiting to be yelled at. We bonded lol

She had her twin boys 6 months before I had my first son and they were buddies when little. She had 4 kids, the twin boys, another boy and finally a little girl. We stayed in touch up until about 10 years ago and have reconnected in the last 6 months. One of the twins who now lives in Japan is here with his wife and Linda is having an family get together on Saturday and wants me to bring Lacey and come. I am going to try my best to get up there and see the kids.

I think tonight Ryan and I are going to go and see a movie and then next weekend is my weekend on the island with my brother and his wife and my mom. That is going to be a lot of fun too. Lacey is coming of course. Oh yeah..............last Friday was D-Day for the animals and both headed off to the vet to be fixed. Poor babies and poor me. I was a nervous wreck and was sure something bad was going to happen to at least one of them if not both. But they were both fine and the challenge this week has been to keep Lacey clean and not let her jump into the pond or dig and roll in the dirt at work and then last night I was in the bath and she suddenly leaped up and over and into the tub with me. Shocked us both I think. I don't know what she thought I was doing in there but I don't think she suspected it had to do with a tub full of water. In any rate I caught her before she sunk and managed to get her out pretty quick but then she was half wet and running all over the bathroom. But oh well, she was happy and she made me laugh and the bathroom was easy to clean :)

I'm thinking of taking some kind of night course this winter and am just waiting for all the lists of classes to come out. I've also started knitting again basically because I want to make Lacey a few sweaters and of course Lily (Jude's dog) will need a few as well. It is pretty cold at work over the winter with cement floors and all. Lacey has a bed at work of course as does Lily but still they are down there and it is darn cold so a few nice warm work sweaters will be good. Then of course if that works out they will need a couple of nice sweaters for when they go out when they aren't at work.................yes yes I know but who the hell cares!! If I want to knit sweaters for my dog I'll knit sweaters for my dog and she will be very well dressed too!

Well it's off to work for me. After I get back from the island I'm going to make a doctor's appointment and get my liver function tests and see where I'm at there and then I guess I'll make an appointment with the liver specialist and see if he has any drug trial's looming and keep my name in there. As to treatment well we'll see how it all plays out with work and everything else.

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