Wednesday, May 10, 2006


It has been very busy at work and we are working six days a week through the month of May so I get home and basically just collapse in a heap. We had a pair of geese at work with 8 eggs in their nest and then one morning we came to work and the eggs were all broken and the geese were gone. At first we blamed it on the coyote that we see quite often around the office but then we realized that the eggs were not smashed but more like they have a hole bitten in them and then were sucked on and we did have a mink that we saw at work one day over the winter. So whoever it was they got the eggs.

This morning a pair of geese showed up in the same spot with one baby. We are hoping it's the same pair and they managed to save the one egg and hide it away and hatch it. The baby is very small and brand new but so cute. They had him out eating and then took him for a swim and then when we were around the other side of the pond they led him up the berm, around the barn and out into the back. He is so cute.

Then awhile later Khush came and got me and said there is a duck with babies out there. I grabbed my camera and went out and there was a mother duck with 10 little ducklings but she was with a goose. We can't tell if it is a male or female goose but they have formed a unit and the 12 of them stick together and the goose protects the duck and the ducklings. If you get too close the goose sticks her neck out and hisses at you and puts itself between you and the ducks.


teddy said...

What cute baby duckling!
Hope all is well, love the pictures.

Good wishes


Elizabeth Anne said...

Hi Teddy,

Good to see you. Haven't blogged much lately. Tired, depressed and just can't seem to get it together to say anything at the moment. Hope all is good with you.