Friday, December 16, 2005

A Plan in place

Just came from the doctor and he still wants to go with the plan we talked about in May. Start in January after we get the pharmacare applied for and set up. 3 months of ribavirin and interferon and then drop the riba and continue on with the interferon. Works for me. I have total trust in him and will do what he suggests. So back to him on the 4th and we'll get the paperwork in order and sent in. I guess his office does it for me or at least helps me with it. The paperwork goes back to his office and when they receive it they call and set up an appointment. I go and get the prescription and take it to the pharmacy. Leave it with them and go and get my bloodwork done and viral count. Go back and get the prescription (he is planning on same as before, prefilled glass syringe not the pen) take it back to his office and they go over it with me and then I'm on my way.


Sue, Toronto said...

Hi Elizabeth Anne,

Good to hear that things are coming together around the treatment and things are falling into place. Nice to have details worked out, rather than vagaries. You sound very organized, prepared and committed. Your health care team sound terrific - it's so important to have a trusting and mutually respectful relationship under these circumstances.

Hadn't heard of the pre-filled glass syringes - personally used the redipen, and was only aware of doing the reconstitution with disposable syringes as an alternative. Is this a standard treatment format there? Do they provide previously reconstituted interferon? If so, how long is it viable for? Apologise for all the questions, but am very interested.

Hope holiday preparations are fun and that you and your family have a lovely holiday season. This might be the snowiest Christmas we've had here in Toronto for a long time! How's it out there in BC?

Elizabeth Anne said...

Hi Sue,

The last time I took the interferon it was in the drug trial and as far as I remember it came in a glass syringe already prefilled with the needle in the same package and I just had to put the needle on and tap out the air to use it. They would give me 8 weeks worth at a time. When I was at the doctor I mentioned the redipen and he said no I would be on the same as before. Now I haven't actually seen it but I went to the Roche site which I'm pretty sure is the interferon I'll be on and found this link for you. I'm pretty sure this is what I'll be getting but if it's not I'll let you know in the blog.

We are organized for the most part and work is very flexible and allowing me any time I need and any work schedule that works for me. We are still planning on moving in the new year so that will be a challenge but I think we are fairly well sorted out there too. My big stress will be in finding homes for the two kitties and for Kody. We just can't let Keesha go and seeing she is 11 we don't think she would adapt well with another family. Kody on the other hand would be ecstatic to have some little boys to run around with.

Christmas will be good although we have left almost everything to this last week but that's ok. The kids are all coming and so is Mom so it will be very nice. Green Christmas for BC though they are saying. Wish we did have a bit of snow!

I hope you are doing well and are fully recovered from the effects of the drugs. I know it takes time, and we do expect more from ourselves when the drugs are finished but I'm sure you have taken that into account.

Merry Christmas Sue and all the best to you and yours this coming year!


misspoppy said...

Hi Elizabeth Anne
Time does fly, it seemed such a long time away when I first read you were preparing for treatment in January.
I know how much you love Christmas from your post on the forum, and I would just like to wish you and yours all the best.
I truely hope 2006 brings the cure you so deserve and that treatment is very gentle for you this time around.
Best wishes
Miss Poppy

Elizabeth Anne said...

Thanks Miss Poppy,

Yes time flies right along. All the best to you and yours in the New Year as well. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.