Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Get up and go!

Well I headed off to work yesterday and felt much better once I got there. Working on a tree farm allows me to be outside and inside throughout the day. On a nice sunny day it's great. At lunch yesterday Jude and I took our camera's and went for a walk around the farm and took pictures, got some exercise and enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine :) What could possibly be better?

We have a variety of wildlife that comes and goes throughout the season. We have a pair of bald eagles that arrive in the early spring and then later in the spring you see the babies flying around and hunting in the fields. We have a little bunny that's living in the rockery out front of the office and we are not telling Stewart about it cause he is nibbling on the plants. The barn is full of babies right now. Swallow, wrens, starlings and robins all have nests in there at the moment and when the mama's fly in the screaming from all the nests gets loud lol. I put up my hummingbird feeder at work instead of home (no point setting the smorgasbord for Sirus) and we have a pair that are coming back and forth from the big eagle tree at the fenceline so we think their nest is up there someplace.

We also have a beaver that we have noticed has cut down a few small wild trees at the far end of the pond so we are going to have to keep an eye on that as we can't have him cutting down our trees. We'll have to get a livetrap from fisheries or some wildlife society and move them away from the farm. Walking the rows yesterday we startled a little killdeer off his nest and he dragged his wing and tried to draw us farther down the rows. We were on to his game though and just quietly left that row watching carefully where we were stepping as those little eggs look like stones. I have some pictures from last year and tonight I'll try to get an album of some of the wildlife going on webshots and provide a link.

I do the webpaging for our site at work and am learning everyday. I am including a photo album on that page as well so here is a link for Pacific Coast Trees.


Sue, Toronto said...

Hi Elizabeth Anne,

Your work sounds wonderful. How great to be able to be outside for part of the time, especially in such a beautiful environment. Just checking in on the blogs midweek and your descriptions are lovely - made me stop and slow down just picturing everything. Thanks, Sue

Elizabeth Anne said...

Thanks Sue, glad you enjoyed :)